Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

Mealtime Audience

While eating at a simple diner today a dog stood by the table and watched me intently every time the spoon aims my mouth.
Then I remembered our dog at home who was trained not to do the same rather wait until he’s called for his own meal.
Our dog knows masters eat first before he can.
I didn’t know at first on how to react so I stopped eating for a couple of minutes and look at the dog in the eyes hoping somehow something magical would happen that I could get to read his mind.
Yet of course I was hoping for the impossible.
But something good came into my mind.
I didn’t know that dogs have teary eyes and suddenly I felt compassion and was reminded by the story of the woman in the Bible who spoke to Jesus.
And this is what she said:

Matthew 15:27

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

27 But she said, “Yes, Lord; [a]but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.”
The thought has humbled me.
How easy it is for us sometimes that as we enjoy great things in life like food, friends, family, education, success, luxuries, possessions we forget that all of these are just grace of God.
This week has not been good (in my human perspective).
Business is bad and no money is coming in.
Everyday I seat on my chair facing my computer wondering and worrying.
A lot of thoughts been crossing my mind as I try to analyze things.
Maybe it’s because I’m sinning.
Or perhaps this is because this is not where God has called me to be.
And so my mind was flooded with doubts and uncertainties.
But today the dog has been an instrument to remind me that I need the grace of God.
All these times I have not asked God to intervene in our business and display His grace and glory.
It’s awesome to think that God in His compassion has a desire for me to call upon Him and find rest in Him.
Now as I think about God’s grace and loving mercy it just overwhelms me that everything else don’t seem to matter anymore.
Sometimes in our human nature we got caught up in circumstances.
We have this tendencies of trying to fix things around us.
But it never was the key to living life to the fullest.
To enjoy life is to trust God and His grace.
We all need His mercy so come to Him with a broken spirit and a contrite heart.