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Procrastinating Success

Oh how we love procrastinating!
Yes procrastinating.
I wonder why we procrastinate all the time.
We procrastinate whenever we are given an assignment in school, at work or at home.
We just want to do things when there’s not enough time left.
Even at times of disaster.
We are given an early warning and advisory however we chose to evacuate when disaster is already at our door.
Procrastination also happens even in the best times of our lives.
We could be excited about going to a party yet unable to prepare the appropriate dress for the occasion.
There’s just too many to mention things we love to procrastinate.
An attempt to make a list of things we procrastinate would be time consuming and would need a vast survey.
But let’s just take for example people’s desire to let go a vice —like quitting smoking.
We want freedom from bondage of those vices but we keep on telling ourselves we are capable of quitting but not today.
We think we are to able to quit yet we are powerless to dictate our appetite so we would say we’ll quit when the time is right.
But the right timing just doesn’t come.
And what about exercise?
Sure that’s one more thing we love to procrastinate.
Of course we love to exercise but then again we are powerless and lack the will to do so.
We are aware that to stay fit is to stay healthy but we don’t feel any urgency because we believe we wont catch any sickness.
We would say we’re still young and have plenty of time to do exercise when we’re old.
But learning from the  old ones we would know how frustrated they are in their daily exercise because their hopes are high thinking exercise can save them from their age.
So I think that the key to staying fit and healthy starts from keeping yourself disciplined.
Train how to discipline yourself.
And discipline must start at the early age.
exercising kid
If you find it hard to train yourself at least train a child.
Just kidding!
Of course it’s not too late to train yourself.
Write a note on your wall, on your door, set an alarm, be vocal to your friends with what you want to achieve.
That way you’ll find more motivation and determination.
So whatever it is you procrastinate you’re just delaying its success.
Why procrastinate when you can do it today?
If you do it today you’ll find yourself wanting to do more.
Procrastination hinders your productivity.
And in the process procrastinating things leaves you many tasks undone.
If you want to live life to the fullest stop procrastinating.
Be productive, bear much fruit.

Proverbs 13:4

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,
But the soul of the diligent is made fat.