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getting more followers
If you are new to blogging you might probably find it very frustrating that no matter how many posts you’ve published, you are the Only Person reading them.
And so you would ask these sort of questions.
How do you get people to see your blog?
How do you get them to follow?
Well ofcourse there’s always a bunch of help available Google can provide.
Whatever question you have you can always Google it.
And trust me Google has the answer to your questions.
Not literally Google.
But Google knows where to get the answers.
Don’t ask me, ask Google.
But seriously Google can crawl every available information in the world wide web.
Great! You may say but your concern is your blog.
So let’s pull this conversation back to blogging.
How to get more followers?
Read more.
Keep searching.
There are plenty of articles available in the internet that can help you  with your blog.
What about getting followers?
Ofcourse you can’t force people to follow your blog unless you pay them just to get them to follow.
What I’m about to share is not a magic trick.
It could be a trick but it’s not magic.
Or shall we say it’s not a trick.
The risk of this “not trick” is people might think you hacked their information or their email.
Good question.
I know you’re growing weary in reading this but I hope your patience is worth it.
Let’s go back to email.
I’m going to share a “not trick” to get more emails.
I haven’t really tried exploring everything but I’m just saying that it’s easy to get emails.
It worked for me since I’m using a Yahoo mail.
Yes Yahoo.
I’m using a Yahoo mail for my Facebook account.
Yes Facebook.
Why Facebook?
Why Yahoo?
We’re talking about blogs here (you may complain)!
I’m just saying it’s one of the advantages of using a Yahoo mail for Facebook account.
Alright I think I already did manage to lengthen this post and I’m laughing right here.
Here it is now.
Make sure you have plenty of friends in Facebook.
Aside from reaching more people when you post the link of your blog to your Facebook, having more friends is really a great advantage.
Here’s why.
Let’s say you posted link of your blog to your Facebook.
Does that guaranty  that people will click it?
They’ll probably click the like button but not the link.
Let’s say the title was so interesting and they click it.
Does that guaranty that they’ll follow?
In fact more people are still strangers to blogs.
I don’t need to show stats but most people are not that familiar to WordPress and everything else alike.
I run an experiment.
Told some friends in Facebook “hey check out my blog here’s the link ….”.
“Follow my blog….”.
“How do I follow?”
“What do I click?”
“Where is it?”
“I don’t see it.”
That’s what happens —a little messy.
You have to understand they’re not bloggers like you.
They’re not familiar with it.
And they don’t have the patience like you do have.
By the way thanks for reading on.
But before you lose your passion for blogging and follow the steps of those who just simply quit out of frustration let me be an encourager.
I couldn’t tell you when did I start blogging.
I can’t remember.
I did quit.
But it is this June of this year that I came back.
So this is my 9th post.
I used to have more posts but I deleted them and decided to start anew.
Here’s the thing.
Don’t blog for the reason that you simply just want to write and pour out your thoughts and emotions.
Think first.
What do you really wanna write about?
How would you like your blog to impact others?
Define the purpose of your blog?
Are you driven by passion or you’re just addicted to the idea of getting likes and being followed?
Why do you wanna be followed?
What would your followers get in following your wit?
You see, a blog has to make sense even if it doesn’t look like it does.
Are you blogging to sell something?
Are you blogging to lift up someone or yourself?
Are you blogging to provide helpful information?
Are you blogging to campaign against drug addiction?
The point is you have to make a point.
You have to be clear with your goal.
Know what you want.
As for me, I want to make a difference.
And I know what difference I want to see so I’ll focus my blog on that subject.
I know I got carried away.
I’m sorry.
Anyway these things I say to you do make sense.
You have to put your shoes on the feet of others.
NO don’t do that.
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
Then ask yourself this question.
If someone asked me to follow his/her blog why should I follow?
I’m just trying to get you to thinking.
Thanks for reaching this far.
Finally here’s what you wanted to hear.
1. Log in to your Yahoo mail.
2. Next to Inbox menu is the Contacts menu then Calendar menu.
3. Click Contacts menu.
4. Click import contacts.
5. Choose Facebook then select okay.
6. Then from there you get to see all emails of your Facebook friends.
7. Open a new tab.
8.  Key in your blog url (you know where to do that). url should look like this
9. Don’t log in. Pretend you’re just a visitor.
10. Copy one email on your contacts and paste it in the follow bar.
11. Once email confirmation is submitted delete all extensions in the url leaving your blog url then hit Enter. ( extension is everything that comes after “.com” of the url
12. Copy another email from your contacts and paste it on your blog follow bar.
13. Repeat process until no email is left unsubmitted.
Does that guaranty they’ll confirm?
Of course I can’t guaranty.
But by so doing you actually made it easy for them to follow your blog.
Once they opened their email it will be up for them if they will confirm subscription or not.
Well if your blog catches their interest then they will probably will confirm.
If not, then that’s fine.
At least you know that all of your friends was reached with an invitation.
From there you can figure out another way to advertise your blog —like getting more friends.
Your blog is not about you and should not be for you.
It should be for your readers so exert effort to reach more target readers.
Sometimes we fall in love with one post we want to keep it on top of our blog so we don’t write a new one unless we are satisfied with the likes and comments that post gets.
Come on! Don’t do that.
Keep on writing.
Google crawls contents and not likes.
Just write and write.
If you have nothing to write then just keep thinking.
Observe everything.
One of these days ideas will just pop up and all those observations you gathered will help you put ideas into words.
Make a unique and catchy title for your blog —like mine.
And make an interesting title for all your posts.
Take pictures.
Pictures do make your post attractive and inviting.
Always carry a camera wherever you go.
Don’t worry about photos you don’t know what to do with.
Even if you can’t think of anything to write about it just keep it.
You’ll find use for it in the future.
I’m not gonna be teaching you things about SEO.
You’ll find plenty of help on that —just Google it.
What I am encouraging you to do is to write posts that make sense.
Don’t bother about competitions or setting a good reputation for your blog.
Nothing is forever —not even Facebook.
All of these stuff are just temporal so don’t build your world around it.
However put your heart into what God has purposed you to do.
I have one reminder for myself.
Will this blog matter in the aspect of spirituality?
I don’t ever want to be carried away with the things of this world.
I don’t want you to follow me because it makes me feel good about my blog.
But I want you to follow because somehow in little ways I can make a difference in your way of thinking.
So don’t quit blogging.
Quit quitting.
Don’t focus on how many followers you’ve got.
Focus on the direction you are taking your followers into.
Give them something to be thankful for in following you.

About Marmar Dagu-ob

Will graduate life with honor and no regret.

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  1. Can I come up for air now ha ha! I like your writing style; but most importantly I love that God is given credit in your posts.

  2. Hi there — I visited your blog to see what your material looks like after I saw that you followed mine. I really enjoyed this post. You gave me a unique perspective into the non-blogging world. I think you’re quite correct in saying that they can get confused and impatient when it comes to reading and subscribing to blogs. It’s foreign territory to them. You also did a good job of encouraging bloggers to keep writing! Thanks.

  3. Great post and thank you.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and the Follow. I think you hit on some key points about blogging, like to have a writing purpose and to keep on writing. I, like you, write to get readers and not necessarily Followers. In fact, I don’t have even have a number count of Followers on my Side Bar. I believe my message is important and will attract viewers it is intended for. Anyway, your post makes a lot of sense and you seem to have a spiritual bent as well. God bless you!

  5. I like your writing style it is interestingly engaging. Remain blessed, a blessing & highly favored.

  6. Thanks for this post …what ever questions I had with in me , you had it all down – Very thoughtful post keep it up !

  7. Very helpful and humorous piece! Thank you for it and thank you for following my blog. I really appreciate it!

  8. Interesting post. Unfortunately I do all my blogging on my phone and don’t have the option to do the e-mail list technique. However, I still love the post, I like the blog, and I thank you forfollowing

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