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Be Happy or Be Dead

mind's seat

I totally disagree with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
It doesn’t make sense and certainly is absurd.
Was Darwin convinced of his theory?
Or could he convince the monkeys?
mind's seat
If monkeys could speak and could think logically like humans do I bet they would roll over the floor laughing at Darwin’s theory.
They would probably think it’s dumb.
mind's seat
But before I go further let me draw you to something that makes sense.
mind's seat
I’m not really going to talk about Darwin but a little bit about monkeys.
mind's seat
A little bit about monkeys and a lot more about humans.
mind's seat
Not exactly a lot but it’s going to be something that concerns humans.
mind's seat
Of course I’m meaning humans.
Although you’re seeing photos of monkeys it’s going to be about humans.
Just be patient.
mind's seat
All photos uploaded.
If you’ve been patient that means you’re human.
I’m showing you these pictures because I see life in these pictures.
Yes these monkeys don’t have life.
Not that they are dead but they’re just not real.
But seeing them just makes me smile.
They really depicts what monkeys are like —playful, full of energy, acrobatics, and funny looking creatures.
While I disagree with Darwin’s theory of evolution I wish on the other hand that we humans could be like monkeys.
Full of life, energetic, joyous and just happy all the time.
Monkeys probably don’t know the essence of their existence but we humans do.
We know way far better than monkeys do.
Although we came from the same creator we don’t share the same privilege.
Unlike monkeys God created us with souls —something unknown to Darwin.
God created us in His very own image and breathed life into us.
Unlike monkeys we were made not just to survive life.
Life to us is more than just eating, enduring, and finding a place of safety.
It seems to me that monkeys had known the secret of life that we humans are ignorant about.
Shall we learn from the monkeys?
Before you come to me and talk to me about your complaints in life and your frustrations why don’t you talk to monkeys.
Don’t give a sad face.
Find a monkey instead and see their mouth open wide laughing and shouting.
Live life loud.
Speak about God’s goodness.
Sing about His praise.
Tell of His mighty deeds.
That’s what we ought to be doing instead of pouting and murmuring.
Our understanding of our origin and destiny should be enough reason to display joy and to live happily.
Why do we allow circumstances dictate our mood?
Are we not aware that life is more than these?
Are we not excited about eternity and rewarding of the faithful?
Do something new today.
Think about who God is.
Think about why He created you and what He has prepared for you.
Creation has never been about you but it has always been for your good.
Smile on that thought.
Be happy.
If you can’t then wish to drop dead.
If you think you don’t have that joy then ask God to give you that joy.
His grace is sufficient and it’s always available for you.
Psalm 16:11
New American Standard Bible (NASB)

11 You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.