Love Is Sweeter The 2nd Time Around

capitol lagoon
Have you fallen in love for the first time?
Did it feel like it’s the most wonderful thing happened in your life?
Did he or she meant the one thing you want by your side?
Is the giggling forever when he or she is on sight?
Love came like a hurricane —so unexpected, so overwhelming.
Yet the anticipation of many is the same —if it’s love it’s going to hit you like a train.
But what everyone seems to ignore or let’s say what we all deny is the possibility of missing the train.
Love is like a potion that could make us believe something beautiful could not go wrong and be taken away from us.
Love comes, goes, hurts, and even betrays.
That’s the kind of love we know.
When a lover leaves our door our common resolution would always be “I’ll never fall in love again”.
And your world seems to just stop revolving and life is suddenly drab and motionless.
All dreams shatter, aspirations cease to matter, and everything around is crashing down.
We get so affected that even friends, family and social relationship suffer —all because of our self inflicted, long dwelled depression.
We may try to start a conversation but all we could ever say is sentiments over a love that we thought we knew but now has changed.
Our respect for love has just changed and our perspective has turned negative.
But at the back stage of our mind a hope is alive.
We still hope that what’s been gone will return and restore the ruined trust and security.
And so we anxiously wait —while bitter.
When waiting seems not to work we consider plan B.
Plan B is finding another.
The question is could you really fall in love again to another?
Could you actually forget the past and move fast to find a new lover to occupy your vacated heart?
Of course the answer is yes.
Yes it is for everybody except you.
Because you still cling to that old love and hesitant to move on.
But of course you can move on.
Time heals all wounds.
It will come.
You’ll love again that’s what I’m sure about.
We were made to love so love will always be a part of us.
If you are hurting right now listen to this.
Let me prophesy.
How soon?
I don’t know.
Heaven knows.
Let me just tell you this.
Life is more than that.
Don’t be carried away by your emotion.
I know how it feels to have a broken relationship.
I’ve been there —many times.
And I’m not scared to love.
If I’m not loving then I shouldn’t be living.
Be positive about a broken relationship.
The good thing there is you learn.
And the best thing you’ll learn is that everything is temporal.
Life is too short to be lived in depression.
Again  I say you’ll love again.
Hope for it.
Love is sweeter the second time around.
There is much to learn when you love again.
I am speaking of love in human terms.
I can’t tell you much of what awaits when you love again.
The certain thing I can tell is that when you love again all the hurts and bitterness will be forgiven.
You can only be free when you forgive.
You can only forgive when you love.
Finally I say love again.
There will be more of stories to share, more dreams and ambitions to talk about, more jokes to be laughed about, more awkward moments and giggling, more smiles and more aspirations in life.
I can’t say more but love again. Try it.
jan loren villaruz and jessel taladtad

About Marmar Dagu-ob

Will graduate life with honor and no regret.

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  1. Love your endless writing – a book in every poem. You offer hope, encouragement and so much in your posts.

  2. Woops! ‘so much more’ in your posts. See, your writing is contagious. Even the comments keep on going!

  3. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  4. This is beautiful.And this is the third time i am in love,the only thing i can say is thanks to God i met him.Thank you for dropping by,following my blog and liking most of the posts there.God bless you brother

  5. Very beautiful sentiments. i can almost see you wait at a bus stop, thinking yourself into it, and missing the bus, ahaha. Not really, I don’t know where that came from. Be yourself, be kind to yourself. You are loved.

  6. Love your optimism!! Thank you so much for the follow 🙂

  7. I just discovered this blog via psychologypathology’s site – i am very, very enamored. In a way i feel like this post was written for me. Btw, I noticed you visited my blog – and your are following me – thank you. i am honored:)

  8. excellent!
    If I am not loving, I am not living!

  9. Nice romantic poem 🙂

  10. Lovely and hopeful post! Just spoke to a teen yesterday with her “first” heartbreak and explained the same thing…we try to heal from heartbreaks but oh, not to forget to wonderful moments, discard the hurt and keep the memories…have loved many times however brief, they are sweet memories that someday I may share with my grandson…certainly with a grand-daughter…grieving a love lost is a process…like the stormy crashing waves …they resume gradually to ripples on the surface of the sea…those are the bittersweet memories that make you sigh and smile. Oliana Kim btw, thank you for visiting my blog, I am honoured.

  11. What a sweet post!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following =) Happy writing! Love the positive energy coming from your blog!

  12. Never give up on love! No matter how long it takes to get it right 😀

  13. Awesome! Thank you for this bit of inspiration.

  14. Thank you for following me! I am so glad to have read this. I believe and practice this. I have been in love many times and have learned each and every time. And each time I have loved I begun to love myself so much more. You truly cant forgive unless you love.

  15. This is just so inspiring. Thanks for posting this. Really! Keep inspiring people.

    “You’ll love again.”

    This line is just so assuring. 🙂

  16. Beautifully written! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ain’t love grand?


  17. Thanks for the follow.
    This is so true, young people especially, don’t realize love will come again. I like what my Mom has mentioned to me many times in my life: she holds there is no ‘one’ soul mate, perfect person; there are many, and some are perfect for the time of life we are in, and some are going to be perfect for a later time in life. Even couples who have been married for 1,000 years will tell you there were times they thought about leaving, wondered if it was worth it, were hurt beyond reconcilable repair; but here they are at the 50th anniversary. Just live, and be happy, show peace and kindness, and all these things will find you.

  18. This is Beautiful and true, Thank you : )

  19. Aww. I love this beautiful post. I’m gonna share this on my Facebook page.

  20. I was once scared to love again, but like you said..without love one should not be here. I fell in a deep depression from one of my later loves. With time and the support and encouragement of others I began to shovel my way out of the gloom I had fallen so deeply in.

    Today I love again and will never forget my past, not to dwell on it, but to teach myself that I’ve been in the worst times and made it out stronger. We are creatures of emotion. 🙂

    Great post!

  21. I’m going through this at the moment and this is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  22. Dear Marmar Thunder,
    Thank you for stopping by and following. I’m fascinated by your site and look forward to reading your postings.
    Your Friend,

  23. Hello there!
    Ah! I love the positive message on love that you have. Yes, don’t let hearbreak keep you from loving again!! Thanks for sharing, for visiting my blog and for following.

  24. Great, nice post! You have given me an idea for my next post. 🙂

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I read some of your posts…Really appreciate your efforts to bring a positive change….god bless

  26. Thanks for following my blog! All the best to you.

  27. Hi Marmar, Thanks for following my blog. To love and making the world a better place.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog.! Enjoyed this post very much 🙂

  29. I have fallen in love a second time, but I find it is not as good as the first.

  30. Beautiful poem – thank you for following my blog thus leading me to it!

  31. Hi Marmar, nice to meet you. What an interesting blog you and your friends have, with some very thoughtful and caring posts.
    Thank you for visiting our blog and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.

  32. Love is sweeter multiple times over, depending on circumstances! We do learn from every relationship, but the one I’m in is best of all!

    Thanks for the follow.

  33. I really like the topic “love is sweeter the second time around” ; there is something very appealing about those words… It is quite hard to love again especially if you shared a strong bond with the first or previous love… It takes forgiveness and a lot of letting go to do so and actually learn from love as it proceeds…

    Truly no one can say for sure what waits in that new love but like you said, the important thing is that you will learn something new…

    And like you said, you’ll love again.

    I really like your post. You were very real with it.

  34. What can you say about, love a second time around? Will it work out? I had a very bad experience with my ex bf. Before we became lovers he has an ex gf, we started to live together for a month and after 2nd month he changed and started to put her ex gf’s things in his bedroom even her underwear but he told me it was nothing & he loves me and i just have to wait which i did. Supported him during his darkest days when he was sick and he has no job at all. Then oneday on my birthday i saw his messages to his ex that i was nothing & he never loved me at all. I was so furious that i broke his closet where the ex gf’s things where placed and he nearly broke my arm. So i decided not to fool myself again. I told him that you will regret the way u treated me because im a good person and u will realized that only when im gone. That i will never go back once i had enough.
    So after 5 months he started getting back to me and saying things which i think that he was lying. He started stalking me. I ignored him because i think its just a waste of my time. By the way his ex and him got back together when we were in a relationship that time. Sometimes he will throw stone on my window because he wanted to see me. I reported him to police then he stopped. Again after a year he started stalking my facebook which by the way i deleted and now he transferred his flat within my community just 20meters away from my home. Sometimes he parks his car in front of my home. After nearly 2 yrs he never stops his ways to get me back. But i told him i dont have feelings at all so he has to move on. He said he is a changed man and he is sorry for everything. Actually i have forgiven him and i really dont want him back. But he never stops calling me now or texting me. He told his parents about me even his new boss as well as his friends and he invites me to their gathering or intimate dinner but i dont want. What shall i do? If ur in my situation will u give him chance? Im scared that he might hurt me again.

    • Hi Jel. I’m sorry for the late reply. I was like your ex bf –just kinda. My gf gave me a chance and we are now on our 6th year. People change. Just we wise in making your decisions. If you don’t have peace not having him around then it’s best you give him a chance. Well I don’t know if you still need this conversation but if you do just email me so I can respond to you asap. I hope you’re doing okay and I wish I could talk to you in person. God bless. .

  35. I’ll second that! Every relationship teaches us something we need to learn. One lesson I had to learn was that I needed to love myself without a romantic relationship, before I would be ready for the love of my life.

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