The Need To Stop

coffee break

Please stop reading and think for a moment.
Can you guess what this is going to be about?
If you’re clueless then you may go ahead and read further.
So this is going to be about stopping.
I mean stopping from whatever it is we are doing.
No matter how focused, determined or desperate we are with whatever we are pursuing there is a need for us to stop.
Not really literally, perhaps technically.
Allow me to use an analogy.
We are like cars, made with a purpose and meant for running.
This analogy may be debatable but let’s just say it’s applicable. A car has to be running so it can take you to a destination.
It has round wheels that make it run, engine that makes the wheels run, and gas that empowers the engine.
The wheels need replacement at times, engine needs maintenance, and gas is consumable like food so the car can’t run without it (unless a car is electronic).
Sticking with our analogy, man is the same.
We are of flesh and soul.
We need food to keep us going since our flesh requires energy, nutrients and cleanliness to keep it healthy.
The essential part of a man is the soul that is sometimes given less importance.
Our problem with insecurity, depression, anxiety, hate, jealousy, envy and the relatives of these are actual manifestations of the state of our soul.
You may agree or disagree but I believe it to be true.
You may call it emotional or psychological but I believe it’s all connected to the soul.
So as much as the car needs to stop for gas, the body for food, our soul does need to stop for refreshment and empowerment.
The ultimate source of refreshment and the only true source of power is God.
So no matter how busy, no matter how pressured we are at work, at home, at school, we need to stop and go back to the source of life. He gives joy, He gives hope, He gives rest, He gives strength and success.
Remember God, remember the sabbath.
Remember He’s holy, sovereign and has complete authority.
Fear Him, trust Him, praise Him, thank Him.
Pray. Meditate on His word.
God bless you on your journey.

About Marmar Dagu-ob

Will graduate life with honor and no regret.

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  1. I am with you, because I have seen the importance of the pauses that I take everyday for keeping connected to the source. Indeed, there are many things that pull us away from the source, and that is why we should stop, listen to deepest self, meditate and restart 🙂

    God Bless

  2. I need to hear this.. Thanks and God bless!

  3. Our problem with insecurity, depression, anxiety, hate, jealousy, envy, and the relatives of these are actually manifestations of the state of our soul.

    You may agree or disagree but I believe this.

    Emotional or psychological, it’s all connected to the soul…Amen! And the soul needs to find its rest and strength in Jesus if it is to be refreshed! God has been taking me to the quiet places of His presence a lot this week telling me I need them. Thanks for being a confirmation.

  4. Sometimes I think forgetting where we come from is Mankind’s biggest failing. Not acknowledging our souls is a pretty close contender.

    Blessings to you. 🙂

  5. I agree for sure in the busy day to day life we need time to relax and be with oneself for a while.But when it comes about GOD i get skeptical. Whom exactly do you refer to as GOD? To each his own?And then for this difference of GOD people segregate themselves from each other? That’s another thing that we being humans always find a reason to seperate ourselves from each other despite all the similarities,and that reason can be color,race,region,country or whatsoever for the matter. Being content is just a state of mind. 🙂

  6. It’s a really thought provoking post. I do believe that we should always do what we love to do irrespective of what people think aboy us, looking forward to reading more, thanks for following my blog 🙂

  7. I absolutely loved this point of view..
    wonderful thought..

  8. Thank you so much for following my blog and posts. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to see your writing and enjoy your thoughts and ideas.

  9. Agree! I disconnect, zone out of the worldly world for a bit every day. To stay connected and hear my Father Abba, loving Yahweh, God speak. It is not easy to find that time, until you turn off the tv, turn off the iPod, turn off the phone… and just unplug 😉

  10. Wise words for such a young man! We do indeed need refreshment and empowerment each day–throughout the day. How do we refresh our spirits? We can praise God for His creation, met needs, and surprise blessings. We can praise Him for the way He demonstrates His attributes: His power, wisdom, love, etc. As problems arise, we can pray and express our trust that He will see us through. The results of these actions include God-infused joy, hope, rest, strength and success–just as you’ve said. What incredible gifts He offers us when we “walk in the light of His presence” (Psalm 89:15b)! Thank you, Marmar, for a thoughtful post, and for becoming a follower of my blog. I am honored you find the posts meaningful.

  11. I agree with this so much and I am glad I found this blog! Amazing!
    If you haven’t read this book, I recommend the book Why is God Laughing?…

  12. Reads like a great rap song! Times of refreshing with the Lord are vital to a smooth-running life, to be sure. Thanks for the reminder!


  13. Most thought-provoking piece. It is logical that we all know we need to slow down the fast-paced life we live. The computer age, we were told was going to usher in a state of utopia, of the three day work week. Technology instead of saving us time has caused the loss of time. An engineer friend of mine had to have his secretary spend over two hours a day sifting through his emails to find out which ones he should respond to and those he should ignore or treat as lower priority items.

    We can so easily delude ourselves and justify giving our Lord table scraps of our time. I know I have done this myself. You play this game of rationalizing in your mind what you know to be wrong in your heart.

    God calls us to step aside at times from our busy schedules and just be quiet. Be still and know he is your Lord. Still, quiet — many have problems with this.

    A friend of mine was having a prayer and praise time at our church. My friend called for a period of silence of several minutes. We were to use that quiet time to lift our prayers in silence to God.

    After only a few minutes somebody had to speak. The quiet time was just too hard to endure. The individual was uncomfortable as were other people in saying nothing. Silence was challenging them to really look at where they were in their relationship with the Lord. This was just too painful to do because when you are quiet you are left alone with your own thoughts. To be totally honest about where we need to grow can be too difficult to deal with..

    I fully agree with what mysweetheartlife says about disconnecting with things like the ipod.

    Lord, help us to slow down much more, and just be quiet with You. Amen.


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