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A Coffee Can’t Be Lukewarm

coffee cup

A coffee can’t be lukewarm.
Who would want a lukewarm coffee?
Some prefer an iced coffee while others are addicted to a hot coffee.
I am one of those who are addicted to coffee and I just can’t let a day goes by without having a cup of it.
A day without coffee would be a very uncomfortable day.
I love coffee.
The other thing I love about coffee is getting to be around with people who enjoy coffee just like you do.
How I began to love coffee is a memorable one.
I was raised in a poor family.
When I was a child I had an asthma and I got to be in the hospital often.
My sickness deprived me of a lot of things that kids should be enjoying.
I didn’t have the chance to learn basketball and biking; and the only choice I had is to stay at home and experience repetitions of falling from the stairs.
I was physically weak and mentally confused with what on earth did I exist for.
That part of my story has nothing to do with coffee.
Here’s where the coffee comes in.
In our place poor families don’t have hotdogs, or egg, or bacon, or corned beef for breakfast.
What we have is plain coffee that goes with a spoon.
What’s the spoon for?
The spoon is used to scoop rice soaked in the cup of coffee.
So that was what we call breakfast.
On my high school years I was already living with my father’s older sister.
Their lifestyle was a bit better than ours so what I had for breakfast then was coffee and bread.
And that’s how I became familiar with coffee.
When I went to college I had to stay late to study and coffee was there to keep me awake.
When I became a christian most pastors I met were also coffee drinkers.
Then I learned to love coffee.
More stories are told, more ideas are discussed, more plans are laid while the coffee is hot.
I have never met a person who enjoys a lukewarm coffee.
To make sense with this article let me shift your attention from coffee to Christianity.
If you’re a christian have you thought about on how you intend to live your life?
When you sing the words like “I love you Lord” how much do you really love  Him?
When you utter phrases like “Lord I give you my heart” or “Jesus I believe in You and I will go to the ends of the earth”, how much of your heart you are really giving and how willing are you to lay down your life for the sake of others?
Liking Jesus is easy for us christians but do we actually want to be like Him?
Can we truly abide in Him and in His word and never desert Him?
Are we still following Him even when it hurts.
How much are you willing to sacrifice simply because you love Him and you want others to love Him too?
Are you a comfortable “christian”?
Would you be willing to step out and obey Him no matter what the cost is?
Does your heart break for others?
Or are you just so concerned about your own future, your dreams, your retirement, your savings, and all the pleasure you could get?
Are you living to the fullest right now?
Are you living in Him or are you so secured with your job, your wealth, your treasure, or your insurances.
Are you truly in love with Him?
If you are then have you done something crazy to express that love?
Will you open your heart to Him?
Will you take time to listen to Him?
I’m not here to give you a to-do list.
My only challenge to you is that you will live how God really wants you to live.
And the only way to do that is to let Him rule over you.
My hope for you is that you can attest that God spoke to you and that He has shown you His power.
It is my prayer right now as I’m writing this last sentence that God will be glorified in you.