Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

Help us find our way to the sun and the Son

Loving Heavenly Father, so often we don’t know the way we should go. We wander like nomads with no firm sense of direction. We want to know the way. Our hearts cry out even sometimes in the lonely night for You to hear us. We know You are there. We know You are listening and even monitoring the beat of our heart. You speak to us in the icy silence of our fears, doubts and the anxieties of body,mind and spirit that gnaw away at us like gnats.Oh, Lord, hear us as we pour out our hearts to You. Where we are lost, help us to find our way again. Where we are sad remind us that the morning’s dawn awakes us to new possibilities.

Lift us in our spirits. Even as we look out our window of our home, our sanctuary from the challenges that lay externally before us, put a new song in our hearts, a spring in our step, a lightness of being.

Lord, as we reach out to others and we hear their story give us listening hearts. Help us to see their pain, really see it. Help us to point them back to You.

Let us be patient. Let us be kind. Let us keep no record of wrongs.

Help us, Father, to see that beyond the darkness of our today there lays before us a brighter tomorrow filled with new opportunities if we keep close to your heart., if we love others with a love that gives expecting nothing in return.

We can be the instruments of change in our communities and this global village if we pray and work together.

So, let us join hands together in the spirit of brotherhood to lift up those who are losing hope. Let us dream no small dreams knowing that as we touch one life, it creates a ripple effect of change as that life changes another life until we have changed our community and our world.

Look to the sky and see that even in the clouds of darkness which surround you, there is light, peace and a joy that defies words.