Daily Archives: September 19, 2013

Alone and Found

My wife and I had toxic mold in our apartment.We couldn’t get it fixed because there were no local laws to get the owner to remedy the situation. We were homeless over six weeks..According to a report of the Homeless Hub as many as 50,000 Canadians are homeless on a given night. As many as 1.3 million Canadians have been homeless within the last five years. In the U.S. as many as 3.5 million people are homeless.The statistics don’t tell the story of despair. I am telling ours.

I had no place to call my own

I wandered near and far

I searched all over for a place to lay my weary head

I cried to God in fear and asked,

“Why do I have no home?”

I prayed and prayed some more

God, please give me a home!

I’m cold, tired, hungry, and so deeply alone

Daddy, please feel and hear my tears

I need You to understand

I need You to comfort me

Lord, I once had a home

I felt protected and comfortable there

Forgive me, Father. I got complacent

I thought the home You gave would never be taken away from me

Then, as quickly as You gave me a home, You took it away

You showed me some of the suffering those without a place to call their own endure

They so much want to be loved, wanted, understood

They’re hungry for food to fill their empty bellies

They want the nightmares of cold and death to end

Oh, my Lord, feel and hear the tears from their souls

Father, there is a far worse kind of homelessness

It is the homelessness of the soul

There are those who live in spiritual emptiness

They wander seeking destructive ways to fill their deep cavern of loneliness

They live in a raging sea of bitterness

Lord, those without a home in their hearts cry out to You

Fill their lonely hearts with Your love

They want to sing a new song of joy!

They want their hurting hearts soothed with the healing balm of Your love

They want to come home again to You

God of comfort, hear the voices of the abandoned, abused and neglected cry out to You

Give them a home in Your heart

Take away their pain and sorrow

Fill them to overflowing with Your amazing love!

Let their hearts be filled with gladness

Let their mouths speak of the love that is found in knowing You

Bring them home. Bring them home.

Then, they will be homeless no more, homeless no more