T’wer Sunday morning, I got to church
I wandered in to find my perch
But when I found my usual pew
Imagine what came into view
An alien in my posterial place
Where I did rest my weary base.

Shocked is how I felt that day
A gert big Anglican in my way
So off I stomped, aflame with pride
To find a place where I could hide
Forgiveness, it did not exist
Another name upon my list

The Lord, He came, and had a chat
I felt just like a spoilt brat
It seems that I had made Him sad
By worldly thoughts, cause I was mad
Repenting quickly, I was spared
The King of love, He really cared.


About mikeb

I'm Mike and I'm a Christian.I go to an Anglican church and have been given the gift of writing poetry,I pray that you will be blessed by this site.

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  1. This made me laugh! Thank you! But in all seriousness we need to learn to not be so petty about things in life. The Lord opens up all kinds of ways when He is 1st and not our pride.

  2. it would really hard in our church: we have a lot of large family with little ones milling around from pew to pew. Everybody holds them and comforts them and they go to the next person or pew. They finally make their way to Mom or Dad.

  3. It is the main church in England for non Catholics and there are different strains of Anglicanism. We are low Anglicans, where we have done away with a lot of the liturgy and have easier structured services. You can get a full history on the internet if you want to delve into the murky past but our church is thriving, having gained two more churches and as long as The Lord is in charge all we can do is follow.

    • Wow. I came from a catholic family. our country is catholic. but I am now a protestant.

    • Where do you get these awesome graphics like the Alien and the ice-cream picture for soft scoop? Have you thought about taking these pieces and making them into a book? You have a gift at using humour to make serious points. I’ve been in churches where there were congregants, who thought the pew belonged to them.

      Keep up the great writing!


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