Daily Archives: September 22, 2013

Perfect Us In Love

This morning as my Lord had me write this prayer His heart cried out to me for you and the Church. In an age where compromise of faith, a weak kind of half-hearted faith seeks to strangle the growth in us and our churches, this prayer came to share with you.

Perfect Us In Love

Lord, so many of us fail to recognize the blessing that we live in countries where we don’t have to think about the next moment or through the day that we could become a victim of senseless violence rooted in hatred, in an evil prejudice which the Enemy both facilitates and encourages.

We live with an even greater fear that is crippling the Church, that is the fear that we are becoming the church of Laodicea, neither hot nor cold, but rather lukewarm with an indifference to the life of faith, the trust in things not yet seen or experienced.

So many have allowed the Prince of Liars to deceive them, hold them captive in their prisons of mediocrity. A faith that doesn’t burn like the candle with its glowing inviting light, but rather flickers being there and then not there. So many have been deluded by that cunning lion to have a half kind of non-committed faith, one that can believe and yet not believe. One that can trust and yet not trust; one that can hope and yet not hope; and one that can dream and yet not dream.

Lord, hear the cries that come from our hearts. You know our struggles. You know the inner hurts that need healing, the soothing and comforting balm of Gethsemane we all need.

Lord, give us all that deep and abiding agape love that can shine over any fear we have. Love that is patient, kind and forgiving and keeps no record of wrongs can win out over the fear if we let Christ in. Really let Him take up residence in our hearts.

Lord, when we stumble forgive us for being imperfect in love. We strive for a grace that knows no bounds; but let us not be defeated if the flaws of our character are made known to us. Help us to always remember that you are painting in all of us a materpiece of grace in process. May we all hold on to that fact when the tempter comes, when the pain of life is overwhelming. Let us always be striving to give out that kind of love You gave that always had time for a wounded soul.

Perfect us all in love as we truly seek to follow You and learn from You, Lord, what agape love really means.