Daily Archives: September 23, 2013

Save Us From Ourselves

It was as I read “The Prayers of Peter Marshall” that I was moved to write this prayer.

Almighty God, help us as we become our own worst enemies. We want to love others. We reach out to the suffering. We pray for the sick and infirm. Yet, we are often at war within ourselves. We engage with others and are reminded that we are far, so far from being perfected in love.

We don’t want to look at ourselves, the things about us that we would seek to change. You call us to keep re-creating ourselves, to be more loving and understanding. We want to say the right thing, to be people with open and caring hearts, but we spend so much time fighting You, so much of our energy justifying our actions. Help us to admit when we are wrong. When we say something biting and unkind, let us admit it, be honest about it.

Develop in us a new heart filled with a love that risks, a love that gives seeking nothing in return. Let us be a people of Your heart and Your spirit.

We cannot change our communities and our world until we change ourselves. We need to have spiritual surgery on any darkness that lies within us — an unkind word, a thought of vengeance, an inner corosion of the spirit which seeks to destroy us, if we do not hold on to the firm anchor of Christ’s love and His strength.

Give us a contrite heart. Cleanse us within. Oh, God, we need You so much. The hurt of abuse stings and is crippling us, robbing us of the joy we yearn for. Heal our wounded past. Let us cast every care, every need, every scar on the Christ who gave His life for our sins.

The Lord calls out to the hopeless and those on the road to the death of hope. He can take your burdens away. The Christ who loved all people whether they believed in Him or not calls out to You. Will you take His hand? Will you stop trying to think Him out of your life? Will you let the Christ who bore the weight of the world upon Him in?

Don’t fight Him. Don’t struggle. Don’t worship the god of reason, for it will give you no comfort. It will not hear your pain. It will not hear your sorrow. It can’t embrace you. It can’t forgive. There is no warmth in the god of reason.

Let love in. Let hope in. Let Christ in.