Right Relationship

How great it is to praise Your name

Oh Christ, I sing

How great it is for me You came,

How precious to me are all Your ways

My Lord and King

How precious to You are all my days,

How awesome it is to walk in Your light

Great love You bring

How awesome it is You give me the sight,

How beautiful it is to see Your face

Oh God, my King

How beautiful to You I seek Your grace,

How grand to me is Your joy and wisdom

Great love You bring

How grand to You is my joy and freedom

How sweet to me the sound of Your Truth

My Lord and King

How sweet to You the fruits of my youth,

How good it is to receive Your love

Oh Christ, I sing

How good it is You’re smiling above

By His Grace, Sheela


About Sheela Leigh

Hello, welcome! :) This space has everything that I am passionate about. I am a Christian, a writer, an artist, and a health enthusiast dedicated to helping others overcome mental and emotional struggles.

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  1. I like your words.. Uplifting!

    • 😀 Thanks a lot! Nowhere to go but up!!

      • Your writing has beautiful picture images. Light, sound, fruits, smiling. That’s the kind of writing that people will remember. Let your thoughts paint a picture just as you’ve done so beautifully with this poetic piece. Have you thought of making it into a song. Leighla, that would be a thing of beauty that would cause many to be singing praises and bowing down in worship before their Lord.

        All of your writing points me to my saviour. As I write about all of the hellish experiences of my abuse from may manic depressant schizophrenic father, I will need pieces like this to come to, so that I can take needed respites away from remembering that tortorous time.

        I encouarge you to keep up with your writing. I know it will touch the lives of many. I am carried to Heaven in my spirit by your writing that is touching, real, and carries me to see all that is holy and beautiful around me. That is a powerful gift the Lord has given you.

        You are a writer in every sense of that word. Writing is a learned art form. Be patient with yourself. You have such a beautiful gift! Use it to bring glory and honour to your Lord.

        Let all of us show people how even in the most challenging circumstances, they can reach the stars of their potential as they trust in that which is beyond themselves for the journey.

        May the Lord bless you richly!


      • This is quite a heartfelt message anyone has ever given me. Thank you for those wonderful words! One after another. I’m feeling so blessed today. And I know it’s because my writing blesses others. But my words are nothing without God. I’m not very different from you Kevin! I have suffered 15 years of abuse from my own father. I had a distorted view of life and Christianity but because of the adversaries in my past, God used what little strength I had and made me stronger. And I can now write to uplift others. 🙂 If I only know how to play an instrument, then I can have a tune with my praises/worship for the Lord. I guess I have to pray about finding the right person to collaborate with as I am fairly good at singing, but don’t know how to read a note. 😦 Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am so uplifted by them. 😀 I am very glad that with the love God gives me, I am able to spread it to a good few if not many over the internet! One day, I want to publish a book of poetry praises and I’d love to mail it to you for free since you are the first one who sincerely and very much appreciates my writing! You should try poetry… rhyme or no rhymes. What matters is using as many words that lift Him up so high. Thank you again and may you have a great and blessed rest of your day!! God bless your heart and soul! Praise the Lord! 😀

        Much love by His grace, Leighla (Sheela)…but either one works. 🙂 🙂

  2. Mesmerised by His love, can’t ask for nothing more.
    Great post, and well done! I was blessed by it.
    Bless your darling heart

  3. Lovely! Have a wonderful day in Him. Nancy at boyerwrites.wordpress.com

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