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I Am Love

girl and boy praying

I wrote the lyrics for this song reflecting upon my missionary experiences in South Korea.  It came into being after a lot of prayer and thinking how I could best communicate in the language of a child learning English as a second language. I kept the words short, so even children learning English could sing the song with ease and just have a lot of fun with it.

I have my own tune for it, but I’d like to see what tune musicians can come up with. It is about a child’s question, “Lord, how do I know You’re love?” and God’s answer. Please feel free to use this song for community or church fundraising with my blessing.

You could email me at hemingwayca@yahoo.ca with the mp3 file.  70 % of all  proceeds I raise  go towards local and international poverty alleviation. The remaining 30% will be dedicated for the rising costs of my health care for very rare medical conditions, and to support my wife and I through our Master of Divinity studies starting this January at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.  I will be continuing with the studies I had to put on hold eight years ago when I became too ill to continue.

I say a special thanks to Dr. Jonathan Prousky, who is the Chief Naturopathic Medical Officer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and my intern, Karen Maloney. They and all the medical interns  have worked with diligence, professionalism and persistence on my journey towards my maximum wellness. Jonathan is an all around great fellow it has been my blessing to know for over 10 years. If you get an opportunity to go under his care, you will have someone who will be your coach as you do your part in your journey towards wellness. Of course, being the humble man he is, he would say that all the naturopathic doctors working at CCNM can help you. I fully agree with Jonathan’s belief in that statement.

Naturopathic care has given me back a growing quality of life that I feel demonstrates the healing power of naturopathic medicine. God is using them to improve my energy, focus and overall health.

If you think naturopathic medicine can help you in your healing journey, give them a call. Their phone number in Toronto is (416)498-9763.  You can travel there for treatment or they can refer you to a naturopathic doctor in your area.

I join with Dr. Prousky in fully supporting the great work of Mindful Charity to give all of our children back to us with the beautiful minds God gave them. That should be the journey we all take towards wellness of mind, spirit and body.

Please listen as Dr. Prousky speaks with passion about nutrition over the use of drugs for children with mental health issues.  He is an advocate for more creative solutions in helping children in distress that incorporates better nutrition and lifestyle, addressing issues in a child’s environment and how to de-stress the parents.

I was shocked when Dr. Prousky said 50% of a child’s caloric intake comes from sugar and unhealthy fat. He says that will not help a developing brain.

It startled me when Dr. Prousky said 20% of Canadians will develop a mental health problem within their lifetime. Think for a moment about that statistic. One in five of my fellow Canadians will become mentally ill. That’s shocking! We should do all we can to work towards a healthier society.

Everyone should have the opportunity for a good education and career. Then, we can truly work towards realizing the dream of Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi for  a more beautiful world where everyone contributes, where we all help one another in a spirit of love and brotherhood to soar to our potential.

Here is the video of Dr. Prousky speaking with Daytine Toronto host, Val Cole.

I rest myself in the hands of the Great Physician, because He is the greater healer of all.