Daily Archives: September 26, 2013

Let Us Fly Like the Eagle

See the eagle soaring through the sky
Its majestic wings
Its observing eyes ever watchful
The symbol of freedom

Lord, help us be like the eagle
Let our spirits come seeking You
Pour out the deepest rivers of our pain to You
Hear you as you speak to our longing hearts

Give us a freedom of action
A resolved sense of purpose to do what is honorable and true
True to the fight we all wage against hatred,indifference, greed and a growing
numbness to seeing images of poverty, of the death of innocent souls in Syria

Help us, oh God, in this ever-darkening world to fly like the eagle
Let us unite ourselves in speaking out against injustice wherever we see it
Fight wrong wherever it be found

Let us not think the problems of our world are inurmountable so why bother?
That is the lie that we can be deluded to believe

Look at the lives of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela
Each one left this world a little kinder, a little more just for their presence

All of us are not called to be world changers
But let us think and believe we can be like the eagle
that through a freedom, a belief in the spirit at work in us, that we can be a more loving people

Lift up a troubled soul
Give a meal and your heart to a homeless person
Offer a coffee and practice the power of presence to the walking wounded
Offer the cup of cold water in His Name to thirsting souls
who need to be loved
who need to be undetrstood
who need to be heard

Help us all, oh God, to be the eagles, the ambassadors of hope, that bring a message of light to our communities and our world.