Dying For a Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

We are grateful for friends who are always there for us.
We love it when they are there to rescue in times of desperation.
We can call them friends for indeed they are our friends in need.
But when things are tough for us and we are denied of their help we cease to call them friends.
Not understanding why they couldn’t help we would feel being betrayed by the circumstances and left behind helpless by friends.
We assume friends are a gift from God without even thinking it could also be the other way.
We all need friends and our friends need us too.
God made us to be responsible and our friends are our responsibility.
When I say friend I don’t just mean a high school friend or a friend in the neighborhood.
My family is my friend and it is my duty to care for them.
God has given us friends, difficult friends and well loved friends, and God is holding us accountable for them.
My heart breaks for my family.
I pray for their salvation.
More than their salvation God has given me a human responsibility to help them in their physical needs.
I am to care when one of my friends is hungry.
I am to aid when any of them is sick.
I am to comfort when they are afflicted.
As much as I pray that I will be a blessing to my friends I am praying that God will cause my heart to break more for my friends.
I pray that there is no minute in my life that I don’t feel compassion for them.
I pray that I can serve them before I serve myself.
I pray that all of my dreams and pursuits are for them and not for myself.
I pray God will give me the privilege of dying for a friend.

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.


About Marmar Dagu-ob

Will graduate life with honor and no regret.

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  1. Hi Marmar

    A piece that really makes me think about what it means to be a friend in both times of joy and sorrow, through all the circumstances of life. Thanks for reminding me through your own life experience that friends are a gift from God, which we should be thankful for. Our friends can often be our God-given life-line in times of difficulty or crisis. You have inspired me to call a dear friend named John and tell him what a blessing he is to my life.

    Marmar, God hears your prayers for your family’s salvation. By showing them your big heart of love, they will see Christ’s love that shines out of you like radiant beams of light. That will be a witness of agape love that will be hard to ignore.



  2. I know of the friends you speak. My heart breaks for my own friends, but our responsibility is purely to love them as God loves them – seek their best. Their salvation is in God’s hands. Nothing we can do can save them. It is not our responsibility. That is left to the Perfect All-knowing Father, Creator of this Universe and every human being.

    • Yes I agree, it’s all in God’s hands. We can’t save them but somehow God gave us a human responsibility to be messengers of the gospel. Thank you. God bless you. Keep praying for your friends, that’s the best thing we can do for them.

  3. My husband died of ALS. He was not there for me in my hour of need. I am glad he is dead.

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