What if today was your last day?

The casket of Cpl. Steve Martin, from the Royal 22nd Regiment, known as the VanDoos, is carried from the church after funeral services Dec. 29., 2010. The 154th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

What if today was your last day?

It’s a question the musical group Nickleback asks. Follow along with the words of the song in the link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrXIQQ8PeRs . Watch the powerful images in the music video.

None of us like to face the question what we would do if today was our last day. It is the question that soldiers in the First and Second World War asked. Those unsung heroes of Vietnam asked the question. Soldiers who served in the Korean War, the Gulf War,  and in Afghanistan asked it.

Little did those who served as first responders in 911, and people who worked in the Twin Towers and vicinity, know that  they  would be asking that soul-searching question. The answer of many would be that they would never be coming home. I will never forget that brief phone call of the man, who phoned his wife on his cell phone to say that today was his last day. With the extent of damage to the building he was in, he couldn’t even make it to the roof to be rescued. Many of us will never forget the tears that we heard in his voice while he was trying so hard to be strong for his wife, a hero to the bitter end.

Police officers on the beat ask the question every day if today will be the day that a killer’s bullet will end their life. Their wives live in fear every day that the dreadful knock will come notifying them their husband will never be coming home.

It must be a hellish duty for the soldier, who is given the responsibility of notifying a family of a fellow soldier’s death. It must hurt deep within in ways they would never show a grieving family as they gunnysack their own sorrow.

All of us need to ask that question none of us wants to face. This song speaks to our very real human fear that death is a subject that is prickly and uncomfortable.  Death comes to the rich and the poor, the healthy and the unhealthy. It comes to all of us.

There are so many challenging questions in What if today was your last day?I found I had to listen to it several times to grasp the full meaning of its message.  A  few key questions from the song are: What if today was your last day? Would you leave the past behind? Would you forgive your enemies? Would you donate every dime you had? These are thought-provoking questions. The main point to them is that all of us should live each day as if it is our last. We aren’t guaranteed even today, nor even the next second.

Let us live each day with out hearts extended beyond our own needs to the needs of others. It is in doing this that we truly honor the memory of those we have lost to war, terrorism, an accident or disease.

The next opportunity you get say thank you to the police officer, the paramedic, the soldier and those on the front lines in social service, who dare to ask and answer the question of what they would do if today was their last day.

God bless them all for their sacrificial service.

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