Angels Among Us?


It was a clear Saturday, afternoon. My parents were out doing errands, and my sister was antsy about being on time for our high school Christian Club car wash event. She was the president without a driver’s license. But on her command to start marching, I had to follow. We packed our towels, bottled water, some change of clothes, and out the door we ventured. We decided to take the shortcut. It was a narrow path winding down the neighborhood. There was a peculiar house. It was unlike the others, because this one stood on grounds that was not leveled with the rest of the homes surrounding it, much like a ditch out of nowhere. My sister was set on starting business, and our hurried footsteps must have woken up the notorious beasts of the block. Here they came, two of them charging at the weak fence enclosing this ditch. One was determined enough. He simply climbed over it. I knew it would probably be the end of us.

Oh how I wanted to cry! This undomestic creature had us stiff as poles. He circled us, and we were trapped by the threats of his merciless growls! His eyes told me that if we made a run for it, he would in no time finish us. But he kept circling and anxiously growling and barking as if he was waiting for our big move. We kept still, back against back. While my sister uttered for help in a weak voice, I looked at the many windows and doors around us, hoping for anyone to come to our rescue. But not a soul came.

Then out of nowhere, an odd looking man with an odd looking walk took a turn onto what would have been the crime scene of manslaughter by dog attack. He was wearing a light blue shirt with hands both clasping the straps of his backpack. His gait at first was clearly lacking confidence, but it all changed like a hero transforming before us. Before we could even say anything to him, his hands immediately came off his straps and gestured us to go.  We looked at him with grateful and equally apologetic eyes, as he did all he could to distract the beast. He told us not to look back. While we walked away slowly, trying not to turn our heads, my eyes welled up with tears, and in my shaken and terrified voice, I burst in contempt toward my sister for not having the patience for our parents to come home. It was the first time I saw a high school Christian Club president humble herself and apologize to her younger sister in tears. We hugged, wiped our faces, and this time walked side by side. Our rattled minds and bodies made it out onto the a main street. The sight of others walking by took my thoughts off of the danger that could have easily become gravely fatal. My sister however, couldn’t get past the idea that this odd looking man could have possibly been an angel.


Some people believe there are angels in human form, walking among us, guiding and protecting us. They just seem to come at the right time. Some believe it’s the simple act of sincere, unconditional love that create angels in people. Some believe we entertain them unknowingly. I like to believe there are plenty of them around, because by doing so, I become highly sensitive in the manner that God would want me to be. What I mean is, I become less sensitive toward myself and more sensitive toward others. I end up treating family, friends, and strangers the way they should be treated, with much love and respect, despite how difficult they may be at times. Picture them like tests God handed you. Whether or not I’ve entertained angels before, what matters most is, “Was God pleased with me?” I like to believe they do walk among us, because it makes life more interesting and exciting, and there’s definitely more to appreciate. Wouldn’t it be such an uplifting compliment if someone told you that they honestly believe you were their angel? You automatically have their love and respect. Entertaining angels shouldn’t be a priority, but rather something that should become habit as we grow more mature in Christ. Say, try entertaining a person you don’t normally like chatting with today. Sooner or later, at least one of you will have the attributes of an angel. Read this post on Holypop….

Hebrews 13:2

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

By His Grace, Sheela


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Hello, welcome! :) This space has everything that I am passionate about. I am a Christian writer, artist, and a health enthusiast dedicated to helping others live with passion.

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  1. I needed this reminder. Thank you for sharing

  2. Hi Sheela

    Excellent piece that really spoke to my heart. Angels are not an easy subject to write about. Some Christians I’ve found get prickly and stand back a few steps from me whenever I talk about how I firmly believe that angels were with me during some of my intubations. They were more in spirit form for me. I could feel them accompanying me to Heaven working on me while I was transported there in my spirit while my earthly part of me remained here.

    It took three days for the doctors in I.C.U. to wake me up. I had been ready to go home after an asthma attack as a result of an attendant’s cologne had sent me to the ER. Then, a cleaning woman with very limited English came in using Virox, a chemical cleaner used in hospitals.and ambulances. I have a life-threatening allergy to Virox.

    My wife, Karen and I tried to tell the cleaner to leave. Kareb shouted at her, “My husband is highly allergic to Virox!”There was a clearly posted sign on my door not to use Virox. The cleaner couldn’t even read the sign.She responded saying over and over again, “Me clean. Me clean.”

    The doctor in charge of my care heard the commotion. He ran into the room. He waved his arms in the air repeatedly and said with assertiveness, “Stop cleaning now! This patient is highly allergic to Virox!”

    Over the four hour period from exposure I kept getting worse. A nurse was assigned to watch me. She was shocked as my blood oxygen started to fall and my blood pressure and heart rate started to soar. Then, as I was fighting for each breath I went into involuntary shaking. This is the stage before one goes into respiratory failure.

    He called a stat order for me to be taken to I.C.U. He didn’t wait for an orderly. My doctor rushed me down that long hallway that seemed like a thousand miles. I felt myself drifting into unconsciousness. My doctor kept saying to me over and over again, “Kevin, don’t go to sleep! Stay with me, Kevin! Stay with me!

    He reached out his hand and said, “Hold on! Hold on we’re almost there.

    I finally reached I.C. U. Just before I was put to sleep with propophol, which has come to be known as the Michael Jackson drug, I felt a peace beyond that which could be explained away, saying it was just the medication. I knew that there were angels watching over me.

    At one point during those three days that seemed like an eternity to Karen , my family and firiends as well as many churches that were praying for me, a doctor from I.C.U. came to Karen saying, “Your husband’s heart is under a tremendous strain, although the ventilator is breathing for him. If we don’t wake him up very soon I’m afraid he is going to die.”

    Karen immediately informed two of our friends, Howard and Glenda of the gravity of the situation. They listened as Karen poured out her terror that this time after multiple intubations for various allergic reactions to different foods, scented products and allergens in my environment, that this time she would be saying a final good-bye to me.

    During the three days I was asleep the medical angels worked on me on my way to Heaven and while I was there. I was given the blessing of seeing an antrance room to Heaven.

    No words I could write could capture its full magnificence and beauty. It would be like trying to describe why Bach’s “Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring” is a composition of beauty and grace. What I do know is that Heaven’s beauty exponentially surpasses the wonder and awesomeness of God’s creation on this earth.

    I could hear birds singing. The trees had a brightness to them that made them stand out. The sky was the colour of blue unlike I had ever seen.

    It was like watching a 3 -D movie with colour resolution that far surpasses anything you have seen on this earth.

    I got a brief glimpse of Heaven. Then, the medical angels transported my spirit back into my body.

    I awoke. The tremendous pain of the ventilation tube reminded me I was alive.

    Karen cried tears of joy when she saw my eyes open. I was back to the reality of life’s challenges, but came back profoundly changed. I wouldnever be the same.

    I noticed as time went on that abilities I possessed in singing as a trained tenor were improved. I could sing many more somgs across many genres of music with a greater ease than ever before. I started writing songs. Writing ability kept improving, so much so that Dr. Will Rooen, who was my journalism professor, said it had gone from good writing to that which was very good.

    I was also given the gift of being able to unravel people’s deepest problems, more than can be explained by the training in pastoral counseling I had received.

    Karen says that when I sing I take people to Heaven with me. No one she has said this to has disagreed.

    Sheela, there are angels among us. My mom is an angel. She died three days before Christmas 1992. In critical times in my life I have felt her presence. Karen has physically seen her. One time after the death of Karen’s friend’s mother, Karen says she was there.

    All I felt was a cool and peaceful breeze pass over me. Karen said mom was smiling. I think it was her way of saying God had blessed me with a beautiful and loving woman. She approved and I can tell you that in my mom’s eyes no one was good enough for her son.

    So, when you are told you are living in a dream world believing in angels, tell them Sheela’s and my story. Tell them that Jacob wrestled with an angel or some kind of being, who had a physical form (Genesis 32:22-31)

    Sheela, keep up the insightful and spirit-filled writing!


    Four hours from exposure

  3. Good morning, Sheela!

    I felt led by the Holy Spirit to encourage you this morning.

    Under the divine unction of the Holy Spirit I have posted the link for your story “Angels Among Us?” on both my professional network on Linkedin and on facebook. I have 1430 contacts on this network all around the world.

    I want to let Marmar and my fellow co-authors know that as the Holy Spirit moves me to write pieces in response to your articles, I will be posting the link for them on Linkedin and facebook.

    I pray that this will encourage you all to keep writing for your Lord and the many people He is calling you to minister to. The words we write have power. Proverbs says,”Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones” (Proverbs 16:24, NASB).

    Sheela, here’s the description of your piece I have posted on Linkedin and facebook. I pray it spreads your writing to wider audiences to the glory and honour of God. Praise His holy Name!

    I wrote this article in response to a very well-written and insightful piece entitled “Angels among us?” from Sheela, who is a co-author with me on a Christian inspirational blog called Mind’s Seat. She is a beginning writer. Having been there myself, I know that encouraging and uplifting comments about her piece would lift her spirit like the eagle. Here’s the link for it. I pray her piece and mine is a blessing to you.

    Praying that all our pieces will sow the seeds of healing in people’s lives.and inspire them to reach the stars of the dreams God puts in their hearts.

    Have a Son-filled week!


    • See what I mean? You ARE an angel!!! My spirit was high, but reading this just made it higher! Hahaha! You are truly a blessing to me. I appreciate you for reblogging my stories, but I appreciate you more just for being encouraging! Thank you! 😀 😀

      Have a great and wonderful rest of the week Kevin!!

      *hugs* Sheela

  4. That’s quite a story you got there! I believe that during those three days you were asleep, the angels definitely worked on you…to make you even better than before. God always, always works in mysterious ways and for the good of those who believe! His will is perfect, and because of that you are a better person today. You are an angel to me for helping me. I hope you know that. 😀 Blessings!

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