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You Are A Promise

Today’s thought:

Those precious children with their graduation caps. They are so precious to the heart of God.I was reminded as I listened to their sweet heavenly voices of a time when I was heavily engaged in youth ministry as a much younger man. The advancing crown of glory on my balding head reminds me that I like all of us am getting older.:)

I pray we all are remaining young in spirit. If that is nour experience today, please know in your heart that God hears your pain. Your tears are liquid prayers to His throne of grace. Not one of them goes unnoticed. Those who have been following my blogs know this to be true, because I too have cried like many of you.  It was in my crying out to God with all of my wounds and the scars that were on my soul, that He heard me. And even today as I write these words I feel the Holy Spirit flow through me to give you all a message that the Lord hopes will be of enduring value.

A woman I know shared with me that she has yet to find her purpose. She sees God as a gotcha kind of God. You want this. I dangle the carrot before you to enjoy for a brief time, then I take it away. She begins to dust off her doubt and discouragement only to be hit by life again and again. She believes in God. She loves Him, but she is angry at Him.

She said to me, “My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He can do anything. I pray and pray until there is no prayer left in me. I am afraid to hope life will ever get better. I’ll only get knocked down again.”

This woman of a deep faith is worn. She needs a touch of the Master’s hands upon her life. In 35 years no one has been able to give her an answer for her internal dilemma. With all of my training no thoughts I share, no prayers I pray give her the answer she needs now.

She has so much potential. She is intelligent and well educated.  Her abuse has so deeply affected her belief in herself. It has attacked her sense of self-worth. Nothing I say reaches her about how special she is and how there are many others who see that too.

This woman with a loving heart for the suffering . She is concerned she won’t be able to focus on her ministry studies because of her spiritual state. My personal belief is that she needs to take a leap of faith into graduate divinity training. I believe it is as she sees the full manifestation of her gifts in her Lord, that she will know more fully the purpose for her life.

So, I turn to all of you. What can I say to her to help her to know her life has a grand purpose beyond that which she could ever imagine? What healing words can I give her to comfort her in her spiritual desert?

She was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. She doesn’t remember who abused her. It has left its tragic scars of post traumatic stress. She saw a psychiatrists, but she  only got her functioning, not living the abundant life Scripture promises all of us. She needs help desperately.

There are no Christian counselors in her area. Her pastor is overloaded.

I am praying about reaching out to my contacts to establish Christian counselor training in northern Ontario. I have already had a meeting with the Dean of Psychology and Counseling at a Christian college and graduate school concerning this. He says I need to appeal to the college President. There are only a small number of Christian counselors in all of northern Ontario. They charge on average around $95 an hour. Given all of their operational costs, this is a reasonable charge. I have offered to be a liaison in helping to connect them with community and church leaders. Please pray that if it is the Lord’s will that I will be involved in such a future endeavour that He would make it fully known to me.

I thank you in advance for any help and prayer support you can offer.

Today, it is my prayer for all of you that those loving children’s hearts with their voices lifted up to God would encourage you that God thinks you are special and so do I.

No man was ever so blessed as I am to be the grateful beneficiary of your touching, inspiring and uplifting comments. I would like to return those gifts from your heart by saying to each and every one of you, thank you for showing me through your thoughts that as the song says,I am a promise. I am a possibility. I am a promise with a capital P. I’m a great big bundle of potentiality.”

How healing to the soul are the voices of children! They reach us where many adult voices may not be able to, because they sing and speak with a purity of love and a hopefulness, which has not yet been extinguished by the travails of life. Thank God for them all. Thank God for them all.

In each one of us there lies a greater potential than we could ever imagine. My life with its challenges and opportunities is for a purpose far larger than just that of Kevin Osborne. I am here for God’s season to live my purpose and help others to find theirs.

All of you are a unique gift. Keep on believing even in the worst circumstances that your life has meaning. Albert Schweitzer wrote,” The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Shine your light today. You may find in doing that you lead others to discover their purpose and more fully your own. What a joy that would be!

Have a Son-filled day!


P.S. Please feel free to reblog this piece as a ministry of healing to others. Perhaps, something in what the Lord spoke to my heart to say will reach someone in need. Maybe, some on your blog would share from their experience in seeking to answer the questions the woman presented has.