Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Prayer for the in Between


You’re in between
God hears and sees your tears
In the middle
Believing yet hurting deep within
Life is rough
On tempest tossed to and fro

He hears your wounded heart
Abused, torn and tattered
A spirit longing to be loved and understood
A thousand insults stabbing you
robbing you of joy
eating away at you
tearing you to pieces not quickly, but slowly, painfully
dying a slow but seeming certain death of spirit, then body

You cry out in the lonely night
The Enemy whispers that all you do is in vain
Don’t believe, precious child, the lie from the pit of Hell

I too have been in between
tossed about on a raging see of my abuse
The names that came from a father’s tongue
filled with darkness, no light did they shine
You’re lazy, stupid, a clumsy fool
A cesspool of grime and gore
A nothing child
A waste of God’s breath of life when you came
thirty-six hours did you struggle in your mother’s womb
A waste of flesh you are

Yes, I was in the middle too
And there are millions like me
who were captive to the lies and still are healing
still torn asunder inside where no one but God can see
who feels every scar

In darkness did come the Light of Truth
As I spoke out the pain, the seething bitterness
the love of Gethsemane came and said to come out of terror’s prison
Beaten and bleeding within
to be healed by the balm of sorrow and love
a crown of thorns
and through Christ’s death know the power of light’s healing flame

So, you who are in between
let go of the pain
the wounds that lay heavily upon your soul
and let the healing flow of life renew
Know for me and for all of you
You’re special
A gift to a hurting world
who needs the in betweeners
for suffering humanity living in darkness and despair
And as you give, pray and then pray some more
He’ll know you care
He’ll know you care
And you won’t be in between anymore