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Battered Wife Syndrome


My sister, Judy, wanted me to share her poem with you. She has a powerful story in her words filled with pain and anger. Could you please give me comments about how you are praying for her? Part of battered person syndrome is the feeling that you are helpless to do anthing to empower yourself to  escape the living hell of your abuse.

My sister did communicate the message effectively to her husband to stop beating her up. She says the physical abuse ended a long time ago, but the emotional abuse continues.

Personally, I want my sister to leave her husband. The decision to stay or leave rests with my sister. I have prayed for her and keep praying for her to flex the wings of her own indpendence. She could have entered a graphic arts program with her artistic skills that likely came from my mother. There are so many things Judy could do with her life, but she feels powerless to change her situation.

Perhaps, if I was able to pass along inspirational messages from you, it might give Judy encouragement to free herself from her emotionally abusive prison. I keep on praying and hoping that she will find her wings and fly to her God-given potential.

I think it would be a real encouragement to my sister if people reblogged her poem. I think it could even be published in an online magazine or in print media.

What you can do is spread its message by sharing it with your contacts. Let’s keep Judy’s story going, because it is also the story of so many abused women.

The reference to “take back the night” is about a gathering of women walking through communities to highlight the issue of spousal abuse.

If you come from abuse or images of abuse will be too disturbing for you to read about, please read no further.

Let us pray that stories like my sister’s and mine concerning the physical and emotional abuse I experienced from my manic depressant schizophrenic father, will encourage the abused to come forward with their story.  I believe it is in sharing our stories that healing will finally happen.

Then, the prayer I made  to my Lord as a young boy that with His help I would be used to free many from their prison of abuse, will have been answered.

I cried many times reading Judy’s poem. I wanted to rescue her, to fix it, but only Christ can heal my sister’s wounded heart. Please pray for spiritual protection before reading this poem. There are dark images in it, Yet, in telling the story of abuse there will be darkness as we seek with God’s strength and His grace to lead people to the light.

Battered Wife Syndrome

Does anyone really begin to know what women go through day after day?

It’s like some women have no say.

Put the men out on the street, so they would know what it feels like to get beat

How many times did I end up on the floor?

Because how many times I couldn’t get out the door

Do this. Do that. Do this. Do that.

The psychiatrist said he would not to live like that.

When you stay in violence this is what goes on

But somehow I think somebody knew

’cause God sees everything  you go through.

What I had to go through day after day was not right.

How many times did I shake with fright?

Just to be able to sit outside

I used to take rides on my bike to calm myself down,

so I wouldn’t end up with a nervous breakdown.

Women unite.

Take back the night.

When we talk about respect, respect works both ways.

Again, listen to what I say

From broken glass to a broken door

Boy, was I sore!

No woman likes to be a battered wife.

Yes, there were times I cried.

Yes, there are times I wanted to die

Oh, if you only knew what I was going through!

No woman needs to get beat ’til they’re black and blue

This in turn can happen to you.

How many times did I take a fall?

How many times did I get my head banged against a wall?

Was it the whisky or was it the beer?

Why was I going through this year after year?

Women of the world unite.

Let’s remember take back the night.

Let’s also take to the streets to spread the message that no woman needs to get beat.

Is that any kind of life?

–Judith Frotten