Be careful what you say out there
When you say it’s The Lord
You should be encouraging
With words that bring accord
Voices come from different places
Can bring light or dark
Test them very carefully
Or they may leave their mark.

Be careful what you say out there
the devil wants his back
Twisting thoughts and pushing buttons
Is part of his attack
Hates you with a vengeance
Destroyer of the weak
Only Jesus is the truth
He’s The One to seek.


About mikeb

I'm Mike and I'm a Christian.I go to an Anglican church and have been given the gift of writing poetry,I pray that you will be blessed by this site.

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  1. It is true. We must be careful that our mouths do not spout forth pure and polluted words creating an unholy mixture. Life and death is in the power of the tongue according to Solomon.

  2. I agree with the logic of the poem. My wise grandfather told me. “Nothing good to say. Say nothing. Words and negative action lead to permanent separation.” Thank you for the positive and needed wisdom n our times.

  3. So true …. it is so easily to say hurtful things, but repairing the damage can be very hard or sometimes impossible. Thanks for reminding me to always think before speaking my mind and if it is going to be negative that God will make me be silent. God bless you for this blog!

  4. Thank you Kevin, for the reminder. It also must be reminded in this day of the computer and other ways to communicate that our words via typed also hold to the same principle. Even if anonymous they can only be forgiven. I am reminded of the childhood song “Oh be careful little mouth what you say, oh be careful little mouth what you say for the Father up above is looking down with love so be careful little mouth what you say” . Be blessed today!

  5. Thank you for this always timely reminder

  6. My Grandpa used to tell me, again and again, that I am in charge of the word as long as it is in my mouth; the moment i spoke that word, it becomes my Master!

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