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Deliver Us From Poverty

It doesn’t hurt to be a blessing, really.
This has nothing to do with McDonald’s delivery.
Let me talk about poverty and it’s reality.
Is there an end to poverty?
The answer is yes.
It will end when Jesus Christ returns, no kidding.
As long as the Lord has not returned, there will always be poverty and the poor will always cover the face of the earth.
Does that mean we can just ignore it and live our own lives?
It must break our hearts every time we dine at restaurants or fast food when there are people outside knocking on the glass begging for food.
If you have a habit of giving to anyone that comes in your way needing help, please just continue with the habit and may your heart won’t fail in loving and giving.
Come to think of this, is there no other thing we can do to somehow uplift poverty?
Yes there is the government, there are charitable institutions and foundations but we all know that the taxes have allotments (including corruption), and most of the money we give to foundations and charities goes to their operation maintenance (includes salaries of staffs).
Could there be a way we can deliver help and hope, free of tax and free of charges, to the doorstep of a needy person?
I have a cool idea.
We can make one millionaire a day.
It’s not new but we just don’t want to think about it.
It’s not weird but we think it’s crazy to do it.
Perhaps we’re just selfish and envious if ever someone else gets a million.
We all want to get rich and we can’t afford seeing someone gets wealth and we don’t.
Here is the idea.
This concept actually is similar to the concept of lottery.
Here in the Philippines a lottery ticket costs 20 pesos (1 PHP = .02 USD as of today’s rate).
Let’s say we have a population of 1 million.
If that 1 million gives 1 peso a day to me then I will have 1 million pesos.
If I will randomly pick one person to give the money to and this system goes on and on every day that means there will be one millionaire everyday.
Since the population of the Philippines as of this 2013 is 105 million, it means to say that there will be 105 millionaires each day.
Does it hurt to give away 1 peso everyday?
Definitely no.
Can we do that?
Of course we can.
Shall we do that?
I don’t know your answer.
If I become president of the Philippines that will be my first project.
It doesn’t matter if you die before you are picked to be given a million, who knows maybe one of your descendants will become a millionaire.
Let us not be hurt by how much we give away.
Let us take joy in blessing others.
When we all learn to give, we will have a peaceful nation.

P.S. I was just kidding when I said I will be president of the Philippines.