Daily Archives: November 2, 2013

Father, we thank You

The group Volunteers for the Lord remind us that we can be rich in spirit even when we are poor. I was moved as I listened to the words of thanks for God’s many blessings.

Many of us know the story about the man who was feeling miserable because he had no shoes. The man’s perspective changes when seeing a man with no feet. The man was no longer sorry for himself having no shoes. God’s blessings took on a different perspective.

In reflecting upon the blessings of enough food to eat, a beautiful home to live in and my wife, Karen, who loves me so deeply, I wrote this prayer poem.


Father, we thank You for Your love

The Holy Spirit sent from above

For hearing us when we call to You

For guiding us in all we do

For the power of a Savior’s love

For the symbol of peace in the dove

Peace for you and peace for me

For grace that sets us free

Hear our cries in the lonely night

Keep us all walking upright

Draw us to Your bleeding, wounded side

Let us in You our sins confide

We praise You in the morning’s sun

We’ll fight for You ’til our work is done

And when You call us to Heaven

We’ll thank You most of all for sins forgiven