Daily Archives: November 7, 2013


I grew up singing a song in Sunday school that says:

If sinners entice you don’t give in or say no. NO NO NO.

As I laid on my bed this morning I was reminded of that song and I began to minister to myself. Why should I make a mistake and grieve the Holy Spirit? Why should I mess up and walk outside the will of God? The carnal man makes no mistake. He whole-heartedly please the devil. He puts one hundred percent effort into worldly pleasures, yet I find myself struggling to keep my fast for a day. Other religious backgrounds who do not serve the same God as I, which is the one true and living God, do it with their everything and with ease, yet I compromise, so if i feel extremely hungry by midday, “Im out”……………… NO NO NO.


They don’t compromise, so why should I? My desire is to please God in it’s entirety. Though it may seem difficult at times, I am reminded in Romans 8: 12, that I have no obligations to sinful urges. Why? Because I have been set free by God himself. No longer will I let the sinful desires get hold of me.

I am reminding you that they don’t compromise, so neither should we. Lets hold on to our faith because our Father has gone to prepare a place for us, that where he is, we will be also. We can’t obtain there if we compromise though.

Would you continue to compromise?