20 Ways to Show You Care

Life can make us so busy at times that we often forget about making our loved ones feel special. There are many obvious and classic ways we can show how much we care such as making a mixed CD of songs, serving breakfast in bed, or washing dishes, but there are even more creative and influential ways that I believe can certainly help relationships become richer and better. So, I made a list of some things I’ve personally done in my life, and just things I’ve come up with regarding ways to show love and care. I hope that sharing as much as I can recall will inspire those who have run out of ideas. A lot of these are simple tasks if not priceless. Here’s some inspiration and great reminders in no particular order:


1. Squeeze their hand when saying “thank you”, or right after a prayer. It makes them feel extra special. 😀

2. Bring them to a bookstore and buy the book(s) they pick out. It’s great while you’re out on a date, especially if it’s their birthday. I believe it shows how much you value their intellect. If it’s a child then obviously make some suggestions. 

3. Write or print out positive affirmations, quotes, scripture, and frame them all around a child’s bedroom. I did this for my little brother and his confidence improved, and he appreciated me so much in return. 😀

4. Instead of texting them just “Happy Birthday!”, add a complement or two that reminds them how beautiful they are. “You always have the happiest smiles and the cutest dimples. Happy Birthday!” 

5. Defend them and believe in them. Okay these two aren’t so creative, but I think we often take it for granted how much respect shows a lot of love, especially toward men.

6. Surprise them with a list of the things that you love and admire about the person, and place it somewhere they can easily find. …or not so easily find. What matters is that they find it one day.

7. If you’re in the car, massage the back of their neck (with one hand) at a stop light. This is such a romantic gesture toward a significant other. 😉

8. Write a word of encouragement, a positive aspect of the person, or simply a motivating quote, and place it in their Bible to discover one day. Even if you don’t honestly pray for them everyday, it’ll make them feel that they are always in your thoughts.

9. Kiss little children on their hearts, besides their lips, cheeks, and foreheads. I believe it’s such a powerful way for parents and guardians to express how important it is to value the heart.

10. Get their pet a Christmas present too. It shows them just how much you care for what they care for. 🙂

11. Research about a book with a character who they share names with (fiction or non-fiction), and get it for them as a gift. This one’s great for book lovers and even children. And of course, it’s best if the the main character has great attributes about them. 

12. Let them catch you smiling a lot. When a person sees the joy and happiness that comes from within, it tells them that you really know how to love.

13. Take a break from your cellphone, especially during a time you’re out to lunch or dinner with a date, family, or friends. Consider this a reminder. I’ve seen it happen too many times and I’ve been guilty of it too, but we miss out so much on quality time by texting someone else we’d rather be talking to, or updating our social networks (twitter, facebook, intagram…). It’s plain rude and immature.

14. If you’re in school, write a heartfelt appreciation in a greeting card you made yourself, and give to your teacher(s), or give it to your child to hand it to his/her teacher(s) at the end of the school year. Teacher Appreciation Day/Week isn’t the only time we should show our thanks to our leaders at school. My sister and brother-in-law are teachers, and they deserve so much more. Don’t forget Sunday school teachers as well.

15. Keep a favorite picture you have of the person and put it in your Bible with a short prayer on the backside. Use it as a bookmark and one day they will discover it. 🙂

16. Text them saying you’re thinking of them and you miss them, and add a random Bible verse. A great one is Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

17. On your birthday, do charitable and hospitable deeds, as much as the number in your age. I had a friend who on her 21st birthday did 21 acts of kindness and the appreciation and love she felt through giving her time, money, care, and effort was the best birthday gift she ever received. 😀

18. Slip a wallet-sized note in their ID slot/pocket about encouragement or how much you’ll miss them. It’s perfect for the son or daughter leaving off for college, or the husband or wife leaving town for a business trip.

19. Make use of worksheet printouts from the web and help your child improve academically. If they’re not plugged in a learning center or don’t have a tutor, preparing them yourself over the summer for the next grade is a great way to help them feel important about their performance. It worries and bothers me that my state (Nevada) is ranked #1 as poorest in education. http://www.mainstreet.com/slideshow/lifestyle/smartest-dumbest-states

20. Give your teenage son or daughter a legit promise ring/purity ring if you can’t afford to buy them their own car yet. Show them what God cares more about. 😀


The holidays are getting nearer and it’s important to show friends and family/relatives, acquaintances and even strangers that the reason that makes life meaningful is Love. I come from a big family that use to celebrate every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s together. Every Christmas we would fill up a house of nearly 60 people or more and a family room of presents stacked 5 feet high. However in the past 5 years, there have been plenty of unresolved conflicts between the grown up siblings and cousins, and every year since then the holidays have become less exciting and meaningful. But it’s faith I have that one day we’ll all come together again like old times. I believe it’s so important to show concern and kindness to people throughout the year and not just around the holidays, so that you avoid those awkward moments and pretend anyway that you’re having a great time at the grand family gatherings.  It’s better to be in the spirit sooner than later.

Do you have any creative and influential ways that have made you feel so special and loved or ways you have made others feel so special and loved?

By His Grace, Sheela


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  1. What a nice list and reminder of how important our words and actions can be in building others up! Thanks for sharing! Many Blessings, Hannah

  2. A great list of some very thoughtful ways to express care. Well done.

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  4. #12 is simple yet very true! =) thank for this

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