Spiritual Spankings!

I’m glad for my struggles. They are just that. Struggles. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Every time I endure another struggle, I’ve come out of it with more zeal for life. I appreciate them because they make me to be less critical and judgmental, less egotistical and prideful. I’m reminded how small I am and that He only gives me what I can handle. God loves to discipline us because He cares so much. A parent’s love never comes without discipline. How much more regarding the Heavenly Father’s love? If you love the Lord, you’ve got to embrace His discipline. Everyone suffers. The only difference between Christians and unbelievers is that Christians understand a bit more what the pain is for, while unbelievers do what they can to numb it.

Hebrews 12:1- For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Pain is a kindly, hopeful thing, a certain proof of life, a clear assurance that all is not yet over, that there is still a chance. But if your heart has no pain — well, that may betoken health, as you suppose: but are you certain that it does not mean that your soul is dead?  ~ A.J. Gossip


Just looking at this picture of the Universe makes me feel like I’m a quark or a free ribosome…whichever is smaller. 🙂 A person’s struggles are even much smaller.

 By His Grace, Sheela


About Sheela Leigh

Hello, welcome! :) This space has everything that I am passionate about. I am a Christian, a writer, an artist, and a health enthusiast dedicated to helping others overcome mental and emotional struggles.

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  1. Someone once said “that pain is the touchstone of all spiritual progress.” Blessings to you this day! Jim

  2. Yes, but we must remember that even in that spiritual spanking we have the support of many saints who are upholding our arms both in the here and now and also in the spiritual realm. While we may have temporarily got sidelined we are still in the race and our Father is not harming us but building us up…. Learning this lesson all week long…

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