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Yet I Will Praise You Lord – Vineyard

I reblogged for the first time earlier today, but I didn’t say much on top of it, though I was hungry and anxious for words…or so I felt. I knew I had to write something sooner or later, but I didn’t know where to start. Later, I hear the cries of many people. It was the news. My dad had tuned in on The Filipino Channel (TFC). This is his favorite channel. Too many times have I heard such terrible news about murders and the ongoing corruption in our country. People are always crying and wailing in despair. I’ve grown to tolerate much of it, to the point that it has made me somewhat indifferent. Everyday for the past four days, I’ve heard nothing but news concerning the F5 Superstorm. I’ve shed a few tears here and there, and today in my search for words, I finally broke down when I heard the cries again. I sensed a tiny bit of the pain in their suffering. It brought me to tears because it hurt. They were the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. They were crying because they hadn’t eaten for days. And though they survived the storm, hunger could possibly wipe out many more.

How many times have I complained about not finding food at home to eat when the pantry is always stocked with goods? How many times have I grumbled over leftovers that someone else has enjoyed, when all it takes is a few minutes in the microwave or oven, because there are plenty more left in the fridge? How many times have I refused to finish my meal because “it was making me sick” or I was simply “tired of it”? How many times have I thrown away food because I was afraid that I would gain a few pounds? How many times have I complained that it just didn’t taste as good as I thought it would? How many times have I refused to eat certain foods because they weren’t “healthy”according to my standards? Too many times in all. I am ashamed. And there are people all over the world dying, desperate for food. I have been selfish, indifferent, ungrateful, thoughtless, with a head and belly full of myself. I am ashamed. I have never felt what it really is like to be so hungry for food. But people on the streets of central Philippines have, and many more besides that part of the country. They are searching for whatever they can find to fill their stomachs. And I’ve been here searching, anxious, “hungry” for words. I am ashamed.

Lord of all the Earth, stir a deep hunger for compassion in me. I want that compassion to outweigh my hunger for anything else this world has to offer. Let that hunger be the reason why I should be content with all that I have. I want You to be my mouth as I allow Your compassion to nourish me. I want to speak with love and wisdom to Your people. Fill me up with all the goodness of Your gentle spirit. And Father God, please feed all your hungry children all over the world. Let them first and foremost be nourished by the life that is in You, the Holy One we praise and give thanks. Amen.

By His Grace, Sheela