Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

Officially Members

WorshipIt’s been a month and a half since my family has been members of our church. I’m proud of my younger brother, who has been attending Sunday school on time. Last month he enjoyed a youth camp retreat up in the cold at Mount Charleston, Las Vegas. The Sunday of his return, he did not want to come home. He loved his experience so much. I just pray he doesn’t base his walk with God according to great experiences on the mountaintop with Him. I’m proud of my mom, who has been attending church Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings for Bible study. Sometimes she makes home-baked goods and brings them over to her new friends. She has been facilitating the afternoon class all by herself. I’m proud of my dad too. He no longer yells in fear of being late on Sunday mornings. He drives with more ease and confidence. As a family we attend Bible study an hour prior to service. My parents return later on in the day for the evening service. A few Sundays ago, my sister and her husband took our invitation and attended our church for the first time. Since she graduated college, she has neglected a daily relationship with Christ. I pray that there will be plenty more Sundays she and her husband will attend so that there will be a revival of true joy in their stressful lives.

The following Sunday after my family became official members, the worship leader makes a surprising announcement. He decided not to waste time where this was leading up to. He simply delivered it with confidence. He was going to leave the church after two more Sundays and no longer be the music director. He had a position ready for him in Texas. Though he believed God wanted his family to move there, I’m sure it upset a good number of people in the congregation. At the end of service, there were people waiting in line to say their goodbyes. For the first time, I finally said a word to him. I introduced myself and apologized for all these years my family never took the chance to get to know him. I thanked him and said I wanted to be part of the worship team. He was very nice and pointed me towards a sweet lady, whom I told to count me in.

Wednesday came. I felt excited attending choir practice for the first time. It only caught up to me later on how awkward it must have been for the worship leader. Maybe the awkwardness only existed in my mind. I couldn’t help but begin to regret coming. I felt a bit uneasy. Perhaps I came at the wrong time. Some people were crying during the closing prayer because they would miss him. And there I was the newest member who never had a close relationship with him as the rest had.

Four years ago, I was part of a cover band that would practice on Wednesday nights to perform the following Friday at a bar serving a fusion of Filipino-Hawaiian food. I look back and don’t doubt God built up a discomfort within me so that I was never going to be part of the gigs again. From now on my Wednesday nights will be spent at choir practice to perform the following Sunday morning at a church that serves food for the soul. Yesss. How awesome is that? Whatever God has in plan, I know it is good. 🙂

By His Grace, Sheela