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Security in Wisdom

From Right to Left, 8-Year-Old Cedric Dupont talking with his Grandfather, Poppy © Dupuis, 2013

From Left to Right, 8-Year-Old Cedric Dupont talking with his Grandfather, Poppy © Dupuis, 2013

Proverbs 4:7 has been on my heart as of late:

Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding (NKJV).

What I love about the cartoon series, “Cedric,” is the main characters relationship between 8-year-old Cedric and his grandfather, Poppy. Cedric always asks Poppy for advice because Poppy shares incredible stories of his past, stories that point Cedric to a direction that is sensible, tested, tried and true.

Those who have the privilege of being able to sit with someone older than themselves are very fortunate, especially someone whose full of wisdom. Growing up, I was taught to pay close attention to the elderly, especially when they share wisdom of old. I think we should practice this more often.

In each episodes, Cedric often finds himself in a conversation with Poppy, whether its about women, friendship, parents or school. In some cases, Poppy shows tough love in an effort to help Cedric get the point of how serious things like school and life is.

Cedric loves his grandfather and shows his love by paying close attention to him, opening up to him and being attentive to his shared experience. It is the kind of relationship that so many of us, including myself, are missing out on.

For me, the closest thing I have to a grandfather is an older friend of mine. In which case, I can see why Cedric has such a deep love for his grandfather, Poppy.

The wisdom of Jesus is one of the many aspects of Christ I long for on a daily basis. The temptation is always there to try and do it “my way” or come up with something “on my own” or, as I learned to do as a kid, “go it alone.”

I learned to “go it alone” early because of the pain I endured from a past wrapped up in bullying and a status of outcast. But there is a deep security in wisdom, a kind of wisdom that goes deeper than aged books and documents.

The wisdom of old, the godly wisdom, Biblical wisdom, still works in our time.

If only we would take time to sit and talk to our Poppy!

Kendall Lyons is a Youth Minister, Author, Cartoonist and Life and Success Coach. He the creator of Cartoon Daily News, an animated ministry and commentary site and Kendall Lyons.com. He’s also the author of the newest book available for purchase, “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth.”