Daily Archives: November 24, 2013

“Weary eyes and a weary heart never meant weariness”…

Weary eyes and a weary heart never meant weariness.

‘Tis true, the sun sets everyday, but ’tis true, it is beautiful when it does.

Keep a chin up; you won’t see where you’re going if you don’t.

If a book made your heart flutter, then read it again.

Weariness is not weakness; it is not failure; it is a badge of strength, because you’ve gone so far as to reach weariness, and that is a long way.

God told me that when I started to drift into bad thoughts, I should recall back to Him. There is nothing more steadying than thinking of the most solid, stable, and unwavering entity.

When I worry, I close my eyes and pretend I’m a bird. Birds never worry. Plus, they can fly.

Just watch. One day, I’ll grow wings. You’ll see it happen if you look into my eyes.

There are plenty of chances for me to fall. In fact, it is every single second of my life. That means I have had millions upon millions of victories.

Catherine Joy