Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

Help us to walk close beside You

Almighty God,when we don’t know the way to go, help us to put our trust in You. We get bombarded by the storms of life that come crashing down upon us. Waves of discouragement and doubt come upon us when we are least expecting it. In times when life gets rough, when one trial after the other comes, help us to seek Your help.

Lord, we want to know You more. We long to feel Your sweet spirit breathe upon us. Father, we live in such a stressful world with all of its competing demands. Go here. Do this. Finish that project. Meet that deadline. Give our children the love and tender affection they need, when the load of work and family becomes overwhelming, when we so desperately need a hiding place to renew ourselves, to be tucked away and fed as Elijah was fed by the ravens.

Lord, so many people are in burnout. Technology we were told was supposed to save us all kinds of time. Yet, we spend so much of our time going through emails to sift out the ones that are important. A manager has his secretary spending over two hours of her day sorting through his emails. Lord, we just need more of You and less of the noise of the world. We need a break. We need to have our mind, body and spirit rejuvinated.

Today, help us by Your abiding grace and strength to walk closely beside You. Give us ears that hear You and sight that sees You at work in our lives.

Help us to trust in Your guiding light in the darkness that we fight every moment, every day of our lives. Let us be hope for those losing hope. Give us loving agape hearts that will care for a wounded soul in their time of distress.

Heal all of those who have been abused. Tell them in ways that only You can how much You love them, of how much they are the apple of Your affection. You hear their pain. You hear their sorrow. You ask that they would pour out their hearts to You. Help the abused to know that Your heavenly office is open 24 hours a day. All they have to do is call. They don’t even need to schedule an appointment, because Your counseling room is always available to them and all of us who so desperately need You, who are hurting so deeply inside often in ways neither our family, friends or colleagues can see.

Help us this day in all we do to walk closely beside You. Teach us, oh God, as students in the seminary of compassion, to have a child-like trust that accepts that we are Your children, that we can come to You any time we need. You are always there even when in our humanity we don’t think that You are.

Hear our prayers before Your holy throne of grace as we call out to You today. Amen.