Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

Lord, make us instruments of Your peace

Almighty God, we so long to be made instruments of Your peace. Our souls are filled with so much noise. Father, we call out to You to quieten our hearts before You.

My life is far too busy, too filled with those to do lists, that occupy not only my waking thoughts, but have me tossing and turning in my sleep. I know in my mind that You are my refuge, fortress, my deliverer and my rock, but my heart hasn’t fully accepted that message.

My world around me is in chaos. I am filled with so much stress with all the demands in my life. Finish that project. Take the kids to school. Take my children to all their sports events. I don’t have enough time to spend loving my wife. I don’t have enough time to spend loving my husband. I feel that my own children are getting less and less of me. I lose my patience. I find myself ready to explode with an inner seething rage.

Lord, when did my life become so complicated? I know this stress-filled existence is no way for anyone to live, but I find myself caught in the bitter reality that I must work hard to just survive let alone thrive.

Lord, please show me the way back to You. I don’t want to live this way any longer. I hate what my life has become, how You get so little of my time and the world around me gets most of my time.

I need a quiet place to be tucked away and fed like Elijah was by the ravens. I want a break from all the people needing me. I need You. I need You.

I do want to be a servant of suffering humanity. The needs of our hurting and ever-darkening world grow greater. We are becoming a more unkind and more unloving society. There is too much of a pervasive Darwinian philosophy of let the weak perish and the strong survive. Have we forgotten, Father, that the weak can teach us how to be strong in You? Do not the weak, despised and rejected things of this world confound the mighty?

When will we sit down together and work out solutions as best we can to the problem of poverty in our world? How many more people have to die before all of us say together enough is enough?

No one should have to decide whether they can pay for their rent or food, but not both. No mother should have to feel guilty about the need to feed herself when she sees her own children needing food. No mother should be put in the terrible position of asking You to be merciful and let her children die. No mother should have to look at their child dying a little more each day from the ravages of malnutrition.

Father, there are more than enough resources in our world to feed every hungry child, man and woman. How can these starving souls be at peace with You until they are properly fed?

Lord, it’s a cop out to say that we have far more important problems to deal with than poverty. When a mother in Ontario thinks it’s wrong to have an apple or half a sandwich to survive when her children are in such need for food, that’s wrong.  When a child in Thailand digs through a garbage dump for rotting food that’s wrong.

When a child is sold into sexual slavery that’s wrong. When people are denied the right to the medications they need to survive that’s wrong. When there is one homeless person who dies from exposure from the cold that’s wrong. When those on disability and welfare or anyone is denied the opportunity to escape the misery of their poverty that’s wrong.

Lord, make us instruments of Your peace. Let us sow seeds of love, not hatred or indifference. Where there is darkness in people’s lives, help us to shine Your light. Where there is suffering of body, mind or spirit, give us the strength and the wisdom we need to be healers of wounded hearts and broken lives.

Father, during this Christmas season and always let us stretch out our hands and extend our hearts, to all those who suffer. Let us come to Your Holy Spirit to be our counselor in the hour of our affliction. Help us to always remember that love does conquer hate, and light will always win out over the darkness if we hold on to You through the storm, that we can embrace the calming waters of Your enduring peace.

It is not the hollow and fleeting peace the world offers. It is peace that is Your agape love gift. No conditions to receive it. Nothing we can do will earn the gift of Your abiding peace.

Revive Your weary people and all longing hearts with the flame of Your holy love. Hear us, oh God, as we call out to You.