Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

Christmas is a four letter word

Christmas is a four letter word? The word Christmas has nine letters, so how can it be a four letter word? It was as I got thinking about the WestJet video, that the one declarative word that kept coming to mind was love. It could be argued that this is creative marketing, and it is. But it was as I looked into the many glowing faces of surprise, that I saw that this is far more than creative marketing. It is an act of love.

A team of over 150 volunteers called WestJeters took great delight in rounding up all of those gifts. There is a child-like joy in their faces. They are taking part in bringing some much-needed happiness into many lives.

I commend WestJet for taking on a project with all the logistics involved in coordinating the collection and delivery of gifts, so they arrived  just as the passengers were picking up their luggage.

The young woman who got an airline ticket home to see her family for the holidays warmed my spirit. She has been given the gift to be with those who love her.  I can imagine them sharing jokes and singing Christmas carol together. They reflect upon cherished memories of past Christmases and how they have loved one another through the storms of life.  Yet,  the memory they all will have is how daughter and family embraced one another because of WestJet’s gift of love.

This Christmas let us all follow the example of WestJet. Let us give to one another something far more precious than an Android Tablet or a Big Screen TV.  Let each one of us extend to our family, friends, colleagues, the homeless and to all those in need our unconditional love. That’s what the real-time giving from WestJet was all about.

Here’s WestJet’s Vice-President, Richard Bartrem, explaining why they undertook this project and all the planning that went into it.