Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

Peace on earth. Can it be?

Can we have peace on earth?

Can we have peace on earth the child asks?

The child who was born in Bethlehem in a manger bare

Can we ever learn to live in brotherhood with one another?

A child in Thailand digs through garbage for rotting food

People in Malawi go without anything to eat

A homeless man in Toronto sleeps on cardboard

A child in Africa is dying of starvation

The prostitute feels judgment and the stinging pain of abuse

The addict longs for freedom from their addiction

The weary pastor is burnt out

Those broken inside by their prisons of shame cry out for wholeness of body, mind and soul

The dejected, rejected and the lonely want our acceptance and love

The husband asks to his wife, “Do you love me still?”

The wife asks her husband, “Do you still love me?”

All the world’s children ask, “Why won’t you give peace a chance?

Why won’t you give peace a chance?”

The  C.E.O. is burnt out out by too many demands

The single mother raising children all alone

The unemployed longing for work

The student working two or three jobs to pay for their tuition

That teacher who is so exhausted and needs a break

All abused who cry for healing from hate-filled words

The African man prays for en education that he might educate others

There are those struggling with illness and disease

They ask for our love and understanding

The poor ask for bread

There are those who need a place to lay their weary head

There are soldiers who will never be coming home

There are wars and more wars yet to come

Because we still have not learned to live together as one

We still have not learned to live together as one

All these souls ask for peace

Then, the question comes

Peace on earth.  Can it be?

I hope and pray for a day when we shall see the dream of Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Gandhi come true of peace for me

And peace for you.

Peace on earth. Can it be?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.