Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

Forgiveness in an ambulance

My wife Karen  calls 911 yesterday because I can barely make it to the bedroom with weakness in my legs and difficulty breathing.  I nearly collapse. My ongoing sinus infection for over three months causes an upper respiratory wheeze.
The protracted bug occurs after having a flu, which becomes a sinus infection and a respiratory infection.
A series of what can only be described as God events happens. First, a paramedics supervisor who just says he “happens” to be in the area arrives. The Lord gives him a first-hand glimpse of what I look like before the ambulance arrives. The EMT supervisor listens well. He immediately gives me oxygen.
Then, the next God event happens. The parmamedics arrive. The EMT supervisor tells them I am cold to the touch and sweaty with a flushed red face.
I am loaded into the ambulance. I ask God to give me a forgiving heart for the horrible way I have been treated by some doctors and nurses. in the days and years before this day there are those in the medical profession who make it clear they don’t want to have to deal with a person with a complicated medical history like mine.
The ambulance arrives at the hospital.
My nurse takes my temperature. I have hypothermia.The ER attending physician tells me I am quite ill.   She suspects a combination of some bacterial and mostly a viral infection. She stresses that I will have to take it easy for quite a while. I am on a decongestant to get rid of the blockage in my sinuses.
My nurse feels how cold my hands are. She gets me a heated blanket twice while I am at the hospital.
Before I leave  I fill out a survey in which I write:
“Exceptional care from Dr. Carter  and all nursing staff. “
Forgiveness is such an easy word to say, but far harder to actually do. It is as I let go of all of my anger and hurt, that I am treated with professionalism and caring.
But I give the glory to God because He called me to life-changing and healing forgiveness in an ambulance.
Thanks be to God. Thanks be to God.