God in His infinite love
Reminds us that He came,
To cleanse man from his dirty cove
The Son of Man became.

Was born in Bethlehem, we know
And lowly did He come.
But still our hearts are cold as snow
He isn’t born in some.

He came that we should have His life
And have it greater so
But lo, we fight for bread and wife
And forget our soul.

Carols, gifts and happy faces
Sure, He loves to see
But also that we leave faeces
And get off the dark sea.

Christmas would be, that Christ is born
Oh! If our souls could beam
That Christ in our hearts has come
To save and to redeem.


About sallysuccess

Of Cameroonian nationality, holder of a B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Reading and writing, positive talking and excellence are pleasures. Believes everyone can positively impact the world, even from a small corner of the globe. Strives to be a blessing to someone, somehow, somewhere. A lover of Christ; Bishop of my soul. As prized as you are, I'll let you decide "about me".

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    • Just read through your poem “Christmas Drifts”, loaded piece indeed about Christ’s mission, and what we should understand of it. Unfortunately, Christmas is just another holiday for most people, even those who believe they are Christians. Christ being born to come save mankind is way beyond that.

  1. “But lo we fight for bread and wife and forget our soul.” Powerful way of expressing how in our daily struggles we can forget our soul. A relevant message very well expressed.

    A beautifully woven tapestry of your heart to the Lord you love.

    May none of us forget that the light within us can defeat the darkness.


  2. Poignant poem. Nice blog, thanks for visiting mine!

  3. Thanks Kevin, It is indeed true that the light within us cannot be comprehended by any darkness existing, and thank God only Him gives such light through His son JESEUS. Reason why I constantly pray for those I know, that He be born in their hearts, so they can radiate that light.


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