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A soldier’s silent night

This video that I found after much prayer about what the Holy Spirit was calling upon me to share came before my eyes. It moved me to tears. Our world is in turmoil. President Barack Obama has decided that there will be a military attack on the Sudan regime. As I looked into the anger in Obama’s eyes and in his own spirit as he announced to the world these acts of murder of the innocents, a chill came over me that has not yet gone away.

I immediately have gone into deep prayer for Obama and all of the soldiers who will be sent in harm’s way as that military attack is launched. This is a time for all of us regardless of our political affiliation to set those differences aside. God is warning us that we only have a window of time to stop hating one another, stop saying hurtful, cruel and cutting things to one another.

My dear friends, it is time to join together in a spirit of love and brotherhood and pray for President Obama, all soldiers and the state of our world. This is not a time for criticism of ourselves or those who lead us. This is a time to offer our prayers and our active support in our communities and to our leaders in whatever way God may call upon us to serve.

This is a time to love one another, stop the squabbling in our churches and in all of our relationships. We need to model for our children how to act at this critical time. We need to be the ambassadors of peace. We need to stop this vicious and destructive course of hatred and intolerance.

Let this be our solemn vow as the song says so well that we will live each moment in perfect harmony. Let’s teach our children to love, not hate.

Gandhi said that before we can change our world, we must change ourselves. Peace in our relationships, our churches, schools and businesses and our global community begins with YOU and it begins with ME.

So, let us, my dear friends, commit to prayer not merely for ourselves, but for the needs of others and our world where many still have not yet learned the lesson to live in love, harmony and understanding of one another.

I pledge by the help of Almighty God that with my last breath I will do all I can to be the best ambassador of change I can be. When I gave my life to Christ over 30 years ago, I did so in no half measure. I covenanted as I knelt at the altar, that my whole life however short or long it shall be would be devoted solely to the service of Christ, my Commander-in-Chief.

As I write these words I hear the Father’s call to me and all of us that we only have a window of time to bring as many to Christ as we can. So, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, let us submit ourselves with every fabric of our being to this holy calling right now, this moment, this very second.

Let us individually and collectively say to our Lord, Here I am, Lord. Here I am. Use me to be the ambassador of hope to those who are losing theirs. Let me reach out to others with the shining mercy of God flowing from me. Let me not shirk from my duty because this world is heading on a path of its destruction.

Lord, I will change the world by changing myself. I will try my best with Your help to forgive all those who have ever hurt me. I will commit this day to stop wearing my pain as a a badge of honour. I will walk not in the grave clothes of defeat, but in a newness of life and hope that can only be found in You.

So, here I am, Lord. Here I am. Use me for Your glory.


God and the soldier of that silent night call out to you. How will you respond?

For your prayerful reflection I offer Here I am, Lord