Jesus is our superhero
Though like Batman,He is not
Doesn’t get on with the devil
Cause he hurts us quite a lot
Jesus won a special battle
Died upon an ugly cross
Rose again to give us victory
It’s our gain,the devils’ loss.

Jesus is our superhero
Helps us out in many ways
Lives inside us through His Spirit
Keeps us safe from day to day
We can choose to live without Him
Living by a different rule
Ask Him now to be your hero
Wouldn’t that be rather cool.

About mikeb

I'm Mike and I'm a Christian.I go to an Anglican church and have been given the gift of writing poetry,I pray that you will be blessed by this site.

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  1. Of course, it is cool. Life with Christ is awesome. My pastor often says in French “celui qui n’a pas Jesus est demode”, meaning “whoever is without Jesus is out of fashion”.

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