Failing is Amazing

When you think of it, failing is much more extraordinary than succeeding. It takes guts to fail with grace. And when you fail with grace, there is infinitely more respect and admiration of you.

When you think of it, there is some form of victory on both ends. Failing grants the victory of Trying. Failing grants the victory of Doing. Failing grants the victory of Finishing. And, always, I would rather be finished and failed than unfinished and neither failed nor successful.

Failing is amazing. I gain so much from it. My skin is thickened, my determination is broadened, my skills are honed, my knowledge is widened,  my mind is set. I like falling down and getting back up again. I like to smile and laugh in the enemy’s face every time, because I can see how much it infuriates him. Nothing irritates more than someone who won’t give up. And nothing accomplishes more than someone who won’t give up.

Failing is amazing. Course, I never try to fail. I will always try to succeed. But when I do fail, I quietly smile to myself, because I just got the best of both worlds.

About Catherine Joy

Catherine Joy Gregoire is a passionate young writer who aspires to be that editor in your life who geeks out about your next bestselling novel as much as you do. She keeps busy by reading books, listening to music (both the undiscovered indie and, unabashedly, the mainstream, when it suits her), roller skating, studying, or writing short stories about those small moments in life that turn out to be moments when life changes.

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  1. Perfect affirmation and I so agree 🙂

  2. There is always victory in failure, if we would only just have eyes to see it. Wonderful post, Catherine.

  3. Just what I needed to hear! Thanks!

  4. Was talking about this today with my BFF. Totally agre.

  5. Sadly though in this egocentric society failure is not an option. Or rather they refuse to acknowledge failure…

  6. Reblogged this on Simply Bree and commented:
    Afraid of failure ? I know I have been but this outlook really puts failure in a different light…

  7. well, this article is really something… i guess how we define “failure” makes all the difference. I love how you define failure though, that it grants the victory of trying and doing, and personally, I agree that failure can be very amazing because it’s where your personality shows as to who you really are and how you deal with it and it’s when you learn really important lessons that winners never knew…

  8. I always learn more from my failures than from my successes.

  9. Ana Lynn Amelio

    If you don’t fail, you will never succeed, so failure should not be something we fear, it should be something we embrace as a learning experience that will one day inevitably lead to succeeding.

  10. Oh oh and oh is the words that pops up in my mind. I love this post. Cause this is really how I try to see it when I am failing something. Believe when I say that I have failed a lot in my life but I tend to learn A LOT AND I LOVE TO LEARN ❤

    Many blessings ❤

  11. I’m glad everyone enjoys the post ^_^
    I just want to mention that things I write about are often always something I am going through myself, and it helps me personally to share some revelation I’ve gotten concerning it. It then allows others to come out and share that they experience the same thing, and overall, we’re all inspired and motivated and encouraged in the end.
    I love you guys 😀

  12. I think the only true fail is the failure to try 😉 Trying and then ‘failing’ is always a learning experience if wise about it.

  13. I’ve read about men and women who have overcome great obstacles to achieve remarkable personal accomplishments. One common characteristic is that they never quit. When they experienced a set back or a “failure,” they did exactly as you shared in your article; they got up and got up again. Thanks for your inspiring article.

  14. Reblogged this on karenrealigue and commented:
    “And, always, I would rather be finished and failed than unfinished and neither failed nor successful.”

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