A Special Day

By Chris Goswami

A Special Day

(Based on an article that first appeared in the Los Angeles Times, April 1985)

It seems our lives are ruled by schedules, the pressing need to be somewhere at a specific time or get something done in limited time. We quickly lose track of the importance of days and moments, all of which are individual and distinctive.

Chris Goswami is Director of Marketing and Communications for a Silicon Valley based company, and Minister In Training in the UK. He blogs on www.7minutes.net
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  1. Chris, I heard this beautifully touching message from your heart before. I thought I could listen to it this time and not cry. I was so wrong. Your message that we need to cherish the time we have with those whom we love still reaches me deep within. I lost my mother three days before Christmas 1992. Like with your sister there are so many things I wanted to tell my mother. “Mom, do you know how much I love you? As a child I thought that the Rocky Mountains was the highest mountain in the world. Mom would say, “Kevi, how much do you love me?” I remember smiling ear to ear as she would hold me in her arms and I’d say, “Mom, I love you higher than the Rocky Mountains.”

    Mom would smile back at me. I know she felt so loved then. Every day with my mom was a special day.

    Please, please, as many people who can, listen to Chris’s riveting message. I pray it will touch your heart as much as it did mine.

    Welcome to Mind’s Seat, Chris! I know Marmar would echo my thought that you are a wonderful addition to our team. You have both my prayers and my full support.

    Let us pray that as we all work together inspiring others in their life’s journey, that we will dedicate ourselves to this important ministry task with an abounding joy and the constancy of Christ’s love in our hearts.

    God’s richest blessings!


  2. Welcome, Chris. Beautiful message. Each day is special walking yoked with God, isn’t it? Thank you.

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