Daily Archives: January 21, 2014



A whisper comes into your brain
Planted as a septic grain
Radiating waves of doubt
Thoughts you can do nowt about
Worthiness goes down the pan
Condemnation paints a tan
Down into the mire you go
Goodbye Jesus, cheerio.

As you sink into despair
No one loves you, no one cares
All these lies are buried deep
By the past that loves to weep
Blame and allegations rant
Feel just like a cabbage plant
Wish that you could disappear
Even God, you don’t want near.

He will wait until you’re spent
Limp and cried out, buckled, bent
He will wait until you call
Arms outstretched to catch your fall
Dry your tears and mop your brow
Sit you down and show you how
Through His Son you can arise
From the ashes of your demise.