Daily Archives: January 26, 2014

Living the reason for your dreams

You will meet people who tell you that your dreams are unattainable and unrealistic. Forgive them for their limited vision and focus on realizing your dreams anyway. By reaching out to others in their struggles, they will see that you care. Caring and being there for each other should be what life is all about. My wisest mentors have been the most vulnerable people. They dare to be real and available. They take the time to mentor others. They help them soar to their God-given potential. Take time from your busy schedule to thank them for helping shape who you are.

Christ for those who believe in Him, gives us our reason, our purpose for living. We give Him our heart with all its experiences of abuse and rejection, of an inner nagging heartache, and He gives us a new heart filled with life and an inner power that defies human explanation.

For those who don’t believe in God, I believe that the conscience within you that says something is right or wrong has to come from somewhere. I have spoken with many who say they don’t believe in God, that we are the product of evolution. If that alone is true, then how can they explain the order and symmetry, how all the animals, plants,  the birds in the sky and the seas and oceans of the world all inter-connect with one another?

We are here for a divine purpose, a reason, for a mission that is uniquely designed for us. You are not an accident of evolution. You are supposed to be here.

Don’t listen to people who stomp all over your dreams. God put them there for His kingdom purposes. If you feel that tug in your spirit that you should reach for a dream to be a doctor, teacher, business person, minister or whatever occupation you feel a calling to and you have sought wise counsel, and things fall into place in God’s time, then I urge you to take God’s hand and run with Him to the dreams He has put upon your heart.

Christ’s critics branded Him a lunatic and even an enemy of Rome. He was spit upon, rejected and reviled, and yet He pressed on to His calling to give His life for suffering and sinful humanity.

So, when people tell you your dreams are unattainable and unrealistic, just be true to the dreams God has put upon your heart. Soar like the eagle to those dreams, the fulfilled life that God wants to give you.

Open yourself up to the river of God’s richest blessings. In doing that you will make the Lord smile, because you are reaching the stars of your potential with Him.