Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Your Forever New Year’s Day

Note: I am calling an ambulance because I’m in severe respiratory trouble. I’ve been fighting ongoing bugs since last Sept. The Lord wanted me to give you all this message from His heart to yours.

Be God’s light in this world of ever-growing darkness.

The question for me and all of us; Does God own your life? I answered that question with a resounding, “YES!!” to an embittered man. “He owns my life. My Lord will always take care of me.” I was able to witness to him. Pray for his salvation.

The peace of God be with you all

Lord, I have sought these 30 years
To lift up the fallen
Wipe away the tears
Now, I ask You hear my earnest prayer
As I go through this earthly strife
Help me while I yet remain
To count all loss but gain
The gain of knowing You
The hope that can make lives anew
You call me this day
To hear Your beckoning call
The Holy Spirit has asked me to speak to you
To give you all a message from God’s own heart
A message to be given at home, at church and on the street
Trust your Lord in the storm
Tell others He owns your life
And if that not be true
Today can be your New Year’s day
If you would but pray this simple prayer
Lord, I’m a sinner needing You
I fought this decision for many a year
I want a different kind of life
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done
The words of hate I did speak and feel
I’ve run from You many a time
I’ve hurt so many because of the pain in my life
But I want today to be my New Year’s day
Save me from my life of sin
Let your Spirit dwell within
Lord, thank you for my New Year’s Day
For those who know Him it can be your New Year’s day too
The day you asked to know Him more
The day you give Him more of your heart
The day you make a brand new start
Of really knowing your Lord above
Giving Him and others all the love you have to give
So that all of us can have our forever New Year’s Day
So that all of us can have our forever New Year’s Day