I left my shoes behind…

Today I had a trip,
A stumble of the feet.
It was horrible, clumsy;
Nothing remotely sweet.
My tongue made an error,
My hands lost their grip.
It didn’t help that my brain was scattered.
I tried to bite my lip.
Nothing helps my lapses.
I often leave myself in awe
With all my crazy blunders
And my endless faux pas.
Yet one day I remembered
That I had been refined.
So the next time that I tripped
I left my shoes behind.

We have all made ridiculous, absolutely outrageous mistakes and we’re going to make some more in the future. Often we will have a “stumble of the feet” and many “slips of the tongue.” But if we remember that we’re perfect in God’s eyes, we can forgive ourselves, brush it aside, and “leave our shoes behind.” 😉


About Catherine Joy Gregoire

A Passionate young woman whose dream is to inspire and influence others to follow their own dreams. A fresh writer pursuing the dream of becoming a published author; an avid crafter, an avid reader; I want to share God's love and message through my writing and through the arts.

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  1. These are wonderful words of encouragement

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