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Take God’s hand through the storm

Jesus praying in garden at Gethsemane

Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane

Karen and I sang the song  below In the Garden when we were married January 20, 2007. In the trials of life as I come back to this hymn. I pray that as you hear me sing it, you would feel the peace that only God can give as you go through times of struggle and seeming never-ending challenges.


Dear friends:

I was awoken this morning with many thoughts about my life. Yesterday, was a trying day. Karen and I are dealing with a man who has an addiction to alcohol. He is a kind and loving man when he is not in the bottle. He is the opposite of this when that demon gets its firm grasp upon him. Please pray for his salvation.

In the storms of our life with Karen recovering from her flu, me still battling asthmatic bronchitis and trying to get all the supports I need for declining mobility from a rare neurodegenerative disorder, I have become worn down.

I cried out to the Lord this morning for peace in my storm. It was as I poured out my heart to Him last night and again this morning, that this thought came to share with you.

Take God’s hand through the storms of life and He will lead you to clearer skies of His abiding peace. All of us have bad things happen to us. We lose loved ones dear to our hearts. Many of us become ill or have to face a life-threatening disease. Many  are looking for work. You have stressful careers. All of us need peace in the storm. Let’s all take time to crowd out the noise of our lives and take God’s hand of enduring peace

I offer this prayer poem for your morning devotions.

Take My hand through the storm

Pour out your heart to Me

And I’ll help you see

The clearer skies of My peace

When the stormy seas rage

Your soul is tossed about

Conflicts within and fears without

No answers come and only doubt

Take My hand, my child

Take My hand

I’ll lead you through

Trust in Me

And that’s when you’ll see

I was with you all the way

Turning your night to day

Turning your night to day