Daily Archives: February 20, 2014

Fly like the eagle

eagle wings

My dear friends:

It is as I have been struggling to recover from asthmatic bronchitis, that the Holy Spirit gave me a thought which  brings me great comfort. I can shine my light even in illness. Through these thoughts the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart to share, I pray that you are given hope that beyond the darkness of your today there can be a far brighter tomorrow.

I admit there have been awfully difficult days. I have cried out to my Lord and asked those why questions many of us ask. Why me? Why do you think I can hold my faith together with all of these struggles You allow? Why aren’t You giving me all the medical and career supports I need? Why do Karen and I have to reach the end of ourselves before it feels to us like You take divine action?

It was through these soul-searching questions that this prayer poem came to share with you. I pray it reaches you where your heart of need is most felt.

Fly Like the Eagle

I am your Lord Adonai

I help you soar like an eagle through the sky

I use you in your greatest weakness

To reach people at the heart of where they are with Me

I have felt every tear you’ve cried

I have heard your deepest sorrow

There lies beyond what you can see now

Life unlike you have ever known it

A shining purpose I’m having others mentor you in

My child, please tell others who can’t walk or speak

That they can speak the universal language of love

A love that gives expecting nothing in return

A love that brings hope to weary souls

A love that can beat in every heart

Tell the abused, despised and rejected

That I love them

That they are the apple of my eye

Do My will while you yet be here

I will be with you all the way

I’ll be your hope, your strength, your stay

I’ll teach you all you need to know

I’ll tell you what to say

Of how my one and only Son did die for them

He shed His blood on that rugged cross

He counted all gain but loss

To bring salvation to all

That was our saviour’s call

And He calls to all today

To fly like an eagle through the sky

To do our Father’s will while they yet be here

And when their work on earth is done

Our Father will take them home on high

To be His angels in the sky

To be His angels in the sky