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Healer of my wounded heart

Please note: This song lyric is dedicated to all who have been the victims of abuse. I pray it helps in the healing of the terrible wounds of your abuse. For those coming to my blog for the first time, I was abused by my manic depressive schizophrenic father. While the term schizo affective is used now, I personally think manic depressive schizophrenic best describes the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that was my father. He would be kind one moment and stab me with his laughing ridicule the next.

I remember those haunting words, but thanks to the help of God and His healers, I am healing. I would particularly like to thank my beautiful wife, Karen, my sister, Valerie, my pastor, Stephen Wuerch, Life Coach La Vonne Earl of Your Kingdom Inheritance Coaching,my counsellor, staff at South African Theological Seminary, Archbishop Heyward Ewart, who is the President of St. James the  Elder Theological Seminary where I am a student in their M.A. -Ph.D. program in Christian Clinical Counselling and my many friends, for being His healers.

I agree with Dr. Heyward Ewart that abuse should be treated on the same level of evil as the commission of a murder. It is the the raping of a soul. Please take time to listen to Dr. Heywart Ewart discuss how we need to trash what we think we know about abuse. Let us all have the courage and strength God can give us to see the truth of what abuse does to the individual and how it can be best treated.

I am a recovering victim of abuse not only from my father, but all the people who have misjudged and continue to misjudge my character. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

Now let the healing waters flow into your soul with Healer of my Wounded Heart.

Healer of my Wounded Heart

Healer of my wounded heart

Hear me as I call to You

I’m so lost and feeling down

A victim of abuse

Tell me, Lord. Oh, tell me, please

How I can heal within

I can’t see You

I can’t feel You

I don’t know why You allowed this pain

God’s answer:

My precious child

I love you so

I hear you as you call to Me

I feel each tear

I’ve heard the evil names you’ve been called

Don’t you know I’m angry too?

I hate what was done to you

It wasn’t My will for you to be damaged so

I’m not the author of your pain

Child, we have an Enemy we fight against each day

He’s the raper of your soul

The darkness in the human heart

I know you’re angry with Me for not rescuing you

You see, my child, that’s where darkness wants you

Trapped in your prison of pain

I know the devil has whispered in your ear that I don’t care for you

My child, it’s all a lie from the pit of Hell

I love You

My Son died for you

So all would go free

When they give their life to Me

I can’t change the evil that people do

When their heart is hardened to My voice

Those who abuse must come to Me for the healing of their soul

We live in a world of growing depravity

Of darkness in all the media

I stand before you all today to offer you a choice

You can go your own stubborn way

Turn your eyes from Me

Laugh at Me and spit on My Name

Be used by the Enemy

Or you can choose a better way

A way that leads to life

Cast all your darkness at the Cross

And have your soul set free

And have your soul set free

My child, I can give you a free gift today of life anew

If you would just come to Me

That’s all you have to do

That’s all you have to do

That’s all you have to do