You Can Accomplish Anything


Hey bloggers! I apologize for not keeping up with my blog, but I usually blog whenever I get inspired- luckily I am! A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in class and heard my name being called through the announcements. I, along with six other girls, was nominated to be a part of Senior Sweetheart.

In my school, it has always been a tradition to have the “Sweethearts” represent the senior class. I have always wanted to be a part of it from the beginning, and was excited hearing that I was one of the lucky girls!

I must admit, being a Senior Sweetheart is not all that easy. The girls who get nominated get to have an escort, perform a skit showing how sweet they really are, and get a close friend to do a testimonial on their friendship. It was very difficult for me to even think that I was going to perform in front of the whole graduating class- I am already scared to present in front of a classroom!

However, I’m am happy to say that everything turned out perfect. I wouldn’t want to change that moment for the world! I was escorted by my mom- my absolute best friend, I performed an excellent skit- it can be found on my page if interested in watching, and I felt a mixture of good emotions when one of my best friends read my testimonial. It was the best feeling!

Tomorrow, the day has come when the Senior Sweetheart winner will be announced. However, to me, I already consider myself to be a winner. I have finally faced my fear by proving to myself that if I have the courage to get on stage and speak in front of the whole senior class, I can do anything!

Sometimes, all it takes is for you to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. Once you accomplish that part, then the rest comes easy, I promise.


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  1. Mayra, welcome to Mind’s Seat as a co-author! I enjoyed this post and all of the blogs on your web site. I agree with Marmar that your positive nature will be contagious.

    In becoming a co-author you have stepped outside of your comfort zone as I did when Marmar asked me to join him as a co-author. God will be with you. We all will be with you.

    The use of the words “comfort zone” reminds me when I took those leaps of faith and entered into areas of ministry that of my own humanity I would have never engaged in. As I reflect upon my life, I wouldn’t have changed those stretching experiences, because they helped shape the man of God I am and am becoming more as I trust my Lord with my journey filled with its challenges and yet at the same time its amazing opportunities!

    When we step outside of familiar territory into the unknowns of life as you are doing, you gain many blessings. People see as you share your thoughts that you have hit the fence posts of life.

    I feel deeply thankful that God has brought you to us. You will inject a much-needed shot of positivity into all of us. Mayra, as we get older, as life circumstances keep knocking us down, as the Enemy seeks to steal away our joy of living, our Lord sends people like you to get us thinking in more positive ways about our life.

    You too have had your struggles. Writing with the depth of maturity you display comes from much suffering. Know that your Lord is with you in all you have gone through and are experiencing. I tell people God is only a prayer away. His grace line is open 24 hours a day. He never rejects our calls.

    Have a Son-filled day!


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