Daily Archives: March 20, 2014

Heaven can be here

Heaven can be here

It’s in that soul that draws near

In your  life when there is doubt and fear

When you want to laugh but can only shed your tears

For those who are sick, lonely and worn

Heaven is in the life of our saviour born

Born in He who counted all gain but loss

Who lived his life in the path of the Cross

Christ who listened to every weary soul

Who said take My hand and be ye made whole

I’m the healing balm of Your soul

Come, I stand at the door and knock

You who are sick, dreary and poor

Heaven can be in you this day

Guide your footsteps in life’s stormy path

Take away those tears and make you laugh

So you can sing the songs of God up higher

Let Heaven be your goal

Pray and read your Bible every day

For in its pages you will find stories where you will see

That Heaven can be in the human heart

Of every soul that comes to Him

Of every heart who pours out their sin

So Christ can dwell within

That’s the Heaven that can be here for our sin-sick weary world

If they would says our Lord pour their heart out to Me

And cast on Me their every care

And find their Heaven there